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Blvd Centers is an informational site that aims to help individuals and families that have been affected by drug and alcohol abuse. We provide resources for those struggling free of charge. Everyone at Blvd Centers publishing has first hand experience with addiction and as such want to provide the most up to date resources to help.We have no direct affiliations or ownership in any treatment centers. Our goal is only to provide resources to those struggling from substance abuse and their families. We may show ads that we are compensated for in order to support our writers and editorial staff so we can continue producing great and helpful content.Recovery from addiction is possible.


Studies have shown that treatment is most effective when it agrees with the philosophies of the individual. In this way recovery programs need to be flexible to meet the needs of their clients.


Sustainable Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Abuse

At the heart of truly sustainable recovery is a powerful shift of one’s core perceptions and belief systems. At BLVD Centers, we believe in providing a platform of time tested tools that allow a person to navigate the choppy waters of early rehabilitation and recovery…as well as resources for finding the most innovative methodology and modalities that might help you on your journey. Positive belief systems, a strong and loving community, and a restored sense of self are the first steps on a journey to a new life free from addiction. We are here to help our clients cultivate a life that is lovingly crafted and nurtured into a true expression of the individuals they are.

Proven Treatment Modalities For Every Individual

  • 12-step, non-12-step and LBGTQ rehabilitation treatment tracks
  • Daytime and nighttime rehab programs available
  • Alcohol and drug detox
  • Residential Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient service
  • One on one individual therapy sessions
  • Group treatment therapy with a wide spectrum of topics offered

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs Are Not All The Same

When deciding to get help, it's important to be part of a long term supportive and safe community. Committing to change is the first step, and the months following are integral for the rest of your life. If you take the first step, soon you will start to hear the birds chirping and see the sun rising. You no longer have to be limited by your past. There are others that have walked the same path.


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