Our mission is to empower, encourage and liberate young adults from the struggle of addiction and instill in them a sobering happiness that last throughout their lifetime.

The life of an addict is often a fruitless one. Switching from high to high, with each high being less fulfilling and satisfying than the last.

Addiction is the sweet tooth that turns into diabetes the small lump that turns into cancer, the one time that turns into a lifetime of regret.

We at BLVD treatment centers know firsthand the dangers of addiction and how addiction can lead you down a path that you never thought was possible for you or your loved one.

No one plans to get addicted.

Like many things in life, one thing leads to another and then things just kind of happen.

You or your loved ones didn’t plan to get addicted, but you can plan to beat addiction and we can help.

We believe in order for a truly sustainable recovery, a powerful shift of one’s core perceptions and belief systems must take place. At BLVD, we believe in a comprehensive approach that combines traditional, time-tested practices with innovative, evidence-based methods. We help our clients create a new life with new circumstances, a new paradigm, new community, and a restored belief in themselves.

Our high success rate proves that when a person achieves this shift, they will cherish the new life they have created and be far more interested in protecting it.

The combination of implementing core recovery skills, relapse prevention, random drug testing, program meetings and a magnetic atmosphere helps our clients remain sober, happy and fulfilled long after they have left our treatment facilities.

“The quality of therapists is extremely high. Clinicians and support staff are extremely dedicated. Able to provide a wide variety of services and options. The facilities are well designed and comfortable. Most treatment centers offer either a 12 Step or Non-12 Step approach, rarely do they offer both as does BLVD. BLVD Centers are also located in the metropolitan area with access to all of the benefits a city has to offer.” – DT

Our handpicked team of treatment professionals was chosen based on a number of highly specific criteria that proved them to match our purpose driven dedication to ensure the overall well-being and recovery of each client on an individual basis. The BLVD clinical team is composed of established and highly esteemed professionals. Each member of our staff brings with them their own meditation or recovery practices, wisdom, years of experience, and extensive credentials.

Speak to an addiction expert on the phone, 24-7. They will help you decide which is the best treatment program for you.

Over the phone we’ll collect your insurance and financial information. In many cases your treatment can be 100% covered.

The process is quick and easy. In most cases treatment can begin within 24 hours.



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