Alcohol abuse is one of the most widely known afflictions among legal and illicit drugs. The action of abusing alcohol, whether it’s binge or consistent drinking each day of the week, can course through family generations as well as leagues of friendships.

The typical alcohol abuser is a heavy drinker who no matter the circumstance, needs a belt. They’re hitting the sauce in the morning, at work, during lunch, and through the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Frequently they pass out at night from drinking, and often the next morning, can’t remember what occurred the night before.

Finally, alcohol abuse can lead a person into very difficult situations and circumstances in which they can endanger themselves as well as others.



This definition belongs to someone who is not in control of their drinking. Any excuse they can conjure for their next drink, works – at least for them. But sooner or later, their alcohol abuse will catch up with them. Check out these alcohol abuse facts.

At that point, there are some important facts to know about alcohol abuse as it pertains to both the abuser and the concerned friend or family member:

  • Not everyone who drinks alcohol will be susceptible to addiction. Nevertheless, on that same note, certain people may be more susceptible to alcohol than others. Remember, no one addiction is the same as the other.
  • Alcohol addiction is a psychological and physical dependency. In some cases, tolerances are built up, which enables the addict to consume more alcohol with each drinking bout.
  • Alcohol abuse can really tear up a person’s body. From vital organs to brain damage, an addict who is out of control will not be able to stop even if they and their organs are failing.
  • Because alcohol is so abundant and accessible in our society, it is very easy for someone who is heavily drinking to continue their alcohol abuse. This abundance of booze is a trigger which can make a drinker want even more booze. Triggers exist everywhere, and some are more intense than others. Get to know the triggers that can set yourself or a loved one off to continue their drinking.
  • While it is important to note the occasions a loved one drinks, for example, during a week’s time, it should be known that amount of nights (or days) that a person drinks isn’t the only indication of a drinking problem. A person can drink only once a week, yet consume enough alcohol in that time to perpetuate a serious alcohol problem.


There can be many issues that causes a person to imbibe far too much and too often in alcohol abuse. If this is the case with you or someone close to you, and the alcohol abuse facts fit the symptoms you are witnessing (or a part of), it is imperative that therapy is sought as soon as possible before a drinking problem worsens to a point where not just permanent psychological damage has occurred, but permanent physical and mental damage as well.

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