The alcohol helpline is one of the most important tools for someone who either knows or suspects they have trouble with alcohol abuse.

The hotline presents a direct link to a healthcare professional who can advise a person about their affliction, and what they should next do to put themselves on a substance-free lifestyle.

In fact, many questions about drug and alcohol issues are initially addressed through calls to a hotline. From there, the hotline staff connects those in need with rehabilitation centers that can specifically analyze an alcohol problem, then suggest a facility to get help.



You may be asked specific questions while speaking with a professional on the alcohol helpline. This is why it is good to assess yourself and your drinking before you call the alcohol helpline in order to get the most accurate and expedient diagnosis of your possible affliction.

Here are some preliminary questions you can ask yourself before calling an alcohol helpline:

  • Have I built up a tolerance to alcohol’s effects, making me want to drink more?
  • Have I experienced any symptoms of withdrawal? If so, how many hours after that last drink did I begin to have withdrawals?
  • Do I imbibe in alcohol far beyond its intended use? For instance, am I drinking more than I used to?
  • Do I have a desire / inability to cut down on my drinking behavior?
  • Have I lost social interest or lack desire to participate in parties or friends and family gatherings? Would I rather be alone?
  • Do I continue using alcohol despite my awareness of the problems it is causing?

With this information available, the alcohol helpline can be much more beneficial and efficient when dealing with your case.

Use the alcohol hotline as a measure against your own alcohol use. Your problem may be larger than you first surmise, and now require outside help.

Take the first step toward a positive substance-free lifestyle by getting in touch with an alcohol helpline representative now.

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