Sobriety is IN Now

Tyra Banks, Blake Lively, Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, and Natalie Portman – what is the something that they all have in common? They all claim to never have gotten drunk or used drugs.

Most of the rest of us, however, can’t make such a claim. Maybe we’ve used drugs and alcohol in excess too many times. For many of us, this may have led to addiction. Before long, drugs and alcohol would take priority in our lives and our jobs – family, and relationships would suffer as a consequence. It took over because it always does; because that is the way addiction works. Then came a day when we realized that too much was at stake. We understood that to continue in this way would only mean utter destruction.

So, we made the decision to get sober. The battle for sobriety is ongoing but we fight the fight and take it one day at a time. Even though we know with certainty that our lives are much the better for it, it’s still a struggle. It may be the hardest thing we’ve ever done. Even if in the process we fall – relapse – we know that we will have to get up and get back in the fight.

Today we are sober and that is a heroic thing indeed.

What Many Get Wrong About Addiction

The stigma of addiction – what it is most people get wrong about it – is often based on the mistaken assumption that substance abusers lack the moral principles or willpower to stop. They could stop using substances simply by choosing to change their behavior. The truth is the reasons for addiction are complex and varied and quitting takes more than good intentions and strong will. Studies have shown that chemical abuse changes the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse. Quitting is difficult, even for those who are committed to do so.

But, for those who sought out and made it through treatment – congratulations: You’re heroes.

Five More Reasons Why Your Sobriety Makes You a Hero

1) Because you sacrificed the things that offered you relief, escape, and comfort – all the things that drugs and alcohol seemed to provide. The result was you were forced to confront yourself in all of your nakedness. Addressing your addiction leaves you exposed and vulnerable. In recovery you learn – through therapy, training, and support – to accept and be comfortable with your most naked self. That is heroic.

2) Because you fought to get here. You fought the pain and discomfort and you fought for the courage. You had to leave behind a social network that couldn’t fit into your sobriety. The network may have included lifelong friends and family which only made the leaving behind all the more difficult. While there may have been casualties along the way you found the strength to redirect the trajectory of your life, taking the dark and giving it light. Bottom line: You made changes and change can be very hard . That is also heroic.

3) Because you faced the doubters and haters head on. You stood against the stereotypes – addiction is a moral weakness – and those that were expecting you to fall and relapse. And you may have relapsed, as many do, but that fear of failure did not keep you from taking on the challenge. Failure is an integral part of the hero’s journey..

4) Because of the help you give. Recovery expands your compassion. People help you and you in turn help others; in doing so you make your own recovery stronger. This is how recovery works. You are generous with your forgiveness, both for others and yourself. Those who’ve never experienced recovery may not understand. It demands empathy, patience, and generosity. Sobriety is a gift and you are grateful. Through the experience you’ll find a joy and purpose that you never knew.

5) Because you’re sober you don’t drive while intoxicated – that includes heavy machinery, social interactions, holiday events, or any other situation potentially rife with dangerous or embarrassing aspects. And in that you make the world a better place.

And this is why you’re heroic most of all.

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5 Reasons Why Your Sobriety Makes You a Hero