5 Ways to Prevent the Super Bowl From Becoming a Super Trigger

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Look at them! All those fans standing and cheering at the Super Bowl, one hand clenched into fist that pumps at the air, while their other hand grips a nice cold beer.

Unfortunately, for a person who is recovering from substance abuse who might also be a sports fan, the next few weeks will be challenging, beginning with Super Bowl 51, Sunday, February 5.

From the parties and the commercials, to the events themselves which include not just the Super Bowl, but the NBA All Star event, the Daytona 500 and March Madness, a recovered addict might feel safer by simply staying in a nice quiet place where these events can be waited out.

However, some don’t have that option. Furthermore, some may not even want to take that option. They may also want to be part of the sports festivities.

However, at the same time, those who are recovered might feel as if a Super Bowl party or a pre-race tailgate gathering might put their sobriety at risk.

With that said, here are five ways to prevent the Super Bowl (and other sports-related happenings) from becoming a super trigger.


Every play, whether in football, basketball or auto racing has a plan behind it.

Down and out patterns, pick and rolls, rear to side draft passes are cornerstones of the upcoming sporting events.

Consequently, a recovered substance abuser should also have a plan before they venture out to a sports party where one or more triggers can exist.

For example, in lieu of the beer, spiked punch and other forms of alcohol that show up during these events, one handy tip that can help ensure one’s sobriety is to bring their own nonalcoholic beverages such as soft drinks so that they are tempted less by the alcoholic drinks that are already present.


There’s a certain confidence one team can have when it faces another team it has beaten earlier in the season. This gives the winning team confidence that they can beat that lesser team once again.

Use this train of thought as your own reassurance when faced with the substances that can be found during a sports party. You’ve beaten the drugs and alcohol before, so there’s no reason you can’t do so again. Take a strong approach to what you might find, and assure yourself that even here amongst the booze and partying, that you can triumph again with sobriety.


Timeouts are a large part of many sporting events. Timeouts allow for a change in strategy, which might create an opportunity to score.

Frequent breaks (or timeouts) taken at sporting events can also help preserve your sobriety.

Change the scenery. Walk outside for a breath of fresh air once you think the substances have gotten to you. Take as long as you like to catch your breath and rethink your game plan. Remember, you’re not on a time clock like the teams playing in the game. There’s no rush for you to get back onto the field.


Sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500 are infamous for their commercials. A good portion of those commercials also happen to feature alcohol.

If you feel stressed by these commercials, just in the way that you can feel stressed about the festive atmosphere in general, simply pay no attention.

Take a walk if you have to, or go into the kitchen for snacks if any are available in there. Most commercials don’t last longer than 30 seconds which will give you a good amount of recovery time should you need it.


Don’t be like those long-faced losers who just threw an interception that was run back for a pick six.

When faced with the potential triggers of alcohol and other substances, try to instead stay calm and positive in light of what you fear might be a competition you could easy lose.

Look to your family and/or friends if you feel you are slipping from your game plan. Think of them as your teammates who will always have your back.

Your sobriety isn’t a one-man sport. It is a team effort of advice, game plans that support your sobriety, and great teammates who want to see you through to the end zone.

Follow the examples above, and your weekend sporting events are guaranteed to be a success both on and off the field.

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