Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

Many of us have grown up close to alcohol. Alcohol accompanies celebrations and holidays as well as daily meals. Because alcohol is so accessible through family and friends, it can be easy for someone to start drinking to the point of addiction.

Alcohol addiction is a debilitating disease. It destroys families, causes people to lose jobs, and on a whole, ruins relationships.

Worst yet, once alcohol addiction begins, it is very difficult to end unless qualified treatment and medical experts are involved.

This is why early detection is so important to a successful rehabilitation from alcohol. Early detection informs you about your addiction and seeks to start you on a road to recovery. With early detection, you have time to understand what has brought about your addiction as well as the best course for your addiction’s treatment.

The “Am I an Alcoholic?” Quiz can also give a friend or loved one some relief that the person they care about is willing to take the steps necessary to heal from addiction.

Of course, early detection procedures are for people who recognize a problem within themselves, or who have been told they should seek rehabilitation for their drug of choice.

Those who are curious about having a potential alcohol addiction, or have been told that they may have a potential alcohol abuse problem, shouldn’t remain in denial about their affliction. They should instead want to know if they have an alcohol problem.

In short, an early diagnosis can save a person the painful trouble of losing family, friends and even a career.

Get a jump on alcohol abuse issue. Check out our BLVD alcohol quiz which can help answer whether or not you have a drinking problem.

Your results will of course be confidential.

Am I an Alcoholic? Quiz