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May 13, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Cocaine is an attractive drug to people for many reasons. Being used either alone or in combination with other drugs; it has the power to give people more energy and aliveness meaning they can keep going for longer.

As cocaine is an illegal Class A drug, it’s tricky to get a hold of. Users have to either know someone, usually a dealer or supplier, who they can buy it from on the black market. This is when cocaine slang is used in exchange for the real name. This also happens with many other drugs have street names to confuse and divert suspicious law authorities.

Being the second most trafficked drug internationally, there have been several seizures across the globe mainly in the South and North American regions. Statics reveal that cocaine is the second most illegal drug in Europe mainly used by young people from 15 to 34 years of age.

It’s clear to see the sheer popularity of this drug despite its Class A classification with people having tried it at least once reaching the millions. With these enlightening figures from the National Institute for Drug Abuse, it’s no surprise there has been several emergency hospital visits around the use of cocaine.

Being so addictive, cocaine comes in behind methamphetamine in creating a strong psychological dependence out of all misuse substances. This is because the pleasure centres of the brain are stimulated triggering a heightened state of bliss and euphoria.

Unfortunately, these feelings do not go without their own set of consequences, as it does not take long for tolerance to settle it. This is when an addict needs stronger doses to reach the same high they did as before.

What is the danger of purchasing cocaine?

Like any other illegal Class A drug, the risk of buying them comes with big consequences if caught. Purchasing cocaine immediately puts someone in danger of legal trouble not to mention the jeopardy individuals are in from the drug transaction itself.

If someone purchased cocaine for personal use, the fine or jail time would not be as severe as if that person was found with the intent to distribute. The penalties can be severe and even result in an unlimited fine or prison sentence. Not only this, but a sentence stays on a criminal record for 5 years, effecting someone’s occupational opportunities whilst causing visa entry issues.

Slang terms for cocaine

Cocaine slang is common when people interested in buying or selling wish to communicate. These terms are also be used in social settings such as parties, clubs, bars and gatherings among friends.

Despite its consumption method – via snorting, smoke or injection, the substance collectively goes by a mixture of nicknames. We have collated a list of the most frequently used cocaine slang which can be found below.

You are probably already familiar with one of cocaine’s most common nicknames – crack’ which is the street name given to the freebase form of the substance. This is when it’s in a rock-like state combined with a hardening ingredient.

Crack is normally smoked through a glass pipe and has the same addictive power as normal cocaine. The word itself comes from the crackling sound you hear when heating the substance.

Some popular crack cocaine slang are:

  • Purple caps
  • Trey
  • Yam
  • Black rock
  • Bopper
  • Blotter

If you overhear someone saying that they are ‘based out’ or ‘basing’, you know they are referring to the act of smoking crack cocaine in its freebase form.


There are other popular slang terms for cocaine, they may include:

  • Sneeze
  • Sniff
  • C
  • Charlie
  • Blow
  • Bernice
  • Binge
  • Flake
  • Paradise
  • Nose candy
  • Mojo
  • Flake
  • Snow
  • White
  • Pearl
  • Big rush
  • Bump
  • Line
  • Stash

When referring to powdered cocaine, there are so many nicknames it would take pages and pages of web content for us to fit them all in. However, here are some more popular street names:

  • Aunt/ Aunt Nora
  • Girl, Stardust or She
  • Batman/ Hubba or Bazulco
  • Bernie, Bernie’s flakes or Bernies Gold Dust
  • Big rush, Big Flake, Big bloke or Big C
  • C game or Candy C
  • Birdie Powder or Bolivian Marching Powder.

These are just a few of the most popular but the phrases used will vary depending on the country or region.

There are also term combinations within cocaine slang as a number of substances can be taken with the drug. Some of these street names include:

Cocaine with heroin: He-she/ Murder One/ Snowball/ Speedball

  • Cocaine with PCP (Angel dust) and weed: wicky
  • Cocaine/crack with PCP – Beam me up, Scottie
  • Cocaine with methcathinone – wildcat
  • Weed/ cigarette with added cocaine– Woo Woos, Woolas, Tio, Bazooka, Geek Joints, Blunt, Splitting.
  • Cocaine with crystal meth- shabu or snow seals
  • Ecstasy and cocaine- bumping up
  • Cocaine and morphine – C & M
  • LSD, cocaine and Ecstasy– Candy Flipping
  • The Five Way – Heroin plus cocaine plus methamphetamine plus Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) plus alcohol

If you want to find an extensive list of all the drug combinations plus more cocaine slang, check out this resource from the Baxter County Sheriffs site.

International slang words for cocaine

You may often hear some of these words used in popular movies and media, especially in films based around South American drug culture.

  • Basuco – cocaine sprinkled on a tobacco or marijuana cigarette
  • Yeyo
  • Coca
  • Cabello
  • Talco
  • Nieve
  • Monos
  • Perico
  • Tutti-frutti
  • Ma’a (Spanish slang for crack)

Cocaine slang linked with drug use

There are several slang terms also associated with individuals using and abusing the substance. Some of the commonly used phrases are:

  • Break night – pulling an all-nighter on crack
  • Blow blue, Blow smoke or booster – breathing in cocaine
  • Mule/body packers– someone who sneaks cocaine through borders via swallowing small balloons in their stomach then passing out via stools.
  • Flex or bunk – bogus cocaine

Do you know someone struggling from cocaine addiction?

If you know someone who wants to withdraw from a cocaine addiction or you are struggling yourself, visiting a high quality rehabilitation center can be a great help. Qualified and dedicated teams are on-call alongside a solid support network helping individuals quit completely.

Even though cocaine is a hard habit to kick, it’s more than possible with commitment and sustained effort.

With the right center, you or your loved one can gain access residential and outpatient services tailored to fit your specific needs.

When opting for the residential rehab option, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Individualized Detox Treatments
  • Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
  • Medically-Assisted Detox
  • A Comprehensive Aftercare Plan
  • Convenient Transport Services

You’ll get the help and support you need at one of our centers located in: Hollywood, Portland, Orange County, San Diego, West Los Angeles, Give our team a call to see how we can help on 8885376671.


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