There can be many reasons for why a person would detox from marijuana. The first and most important reason is, of course, to be free of the drug altogether. A person wants to live cleanly and has now concluded weed is holding back that clean lifestyle.

Others detox because of a life situation. A life situation can include:

  • Your spouse and/or family want you to stop.
  • You need to stop because weed is negatively effecting your career.
  • Marijuana has begun to make you listless and unproductive.
  • You anticipate a drug test.

Unfortunately, more individuals pick the fourth option on the above list more than the first three.



In most circles, the main reason people choose to detox from marijuana is because they have a pending drug test.

These drug tests usually occur when someone applies for a new job. They are mandatory for professions where integrity is demanded, such as in finance, insurance and government work. They are also given in professions where safety is involved, for instance, construction work, law enforcement, transportation and firefighting/paramedic services.

Athletes are regularly tested for drugs, including marijuana. Given that, detoxing from marijuana is probably a regular event for some in the world of amateur and pro sport.



By far the safest and most effective way to detox from marijuana is to simply live a healthier lifestyle. This entails quitting weed altogether, but also includes an overhaul of how you live, eat and keep active.

Detoxing from marijuana should also be done as naturally and safely as possible. Yes, there are products that can intensify the detox process by making it stronger and faster. However, many of these products, whether they’re gels, liquids or powders have not been sufficiently tested for their efficacy.

If true detox is your goal as opposed to quitting just to meet the deadline for when you’re to be tested, keep reading about the actions you can take to successfully detox from marijuana.

Also, keep this chart in mind, which is provided by These are the lengths of time marijuana stays present throughout a person’s body:

  • Urine:3 to 77 days (10 to 30 days for regular consumers)
  • Blood:1 to 7 days
  • Hair:90 days
  • Saliva:1 to 7 days



The best way to detox from marijuana is to stop ingesting it. Don’t smoke nor consume it as an edible.

This may not seem ideal; you may think that a gradual tapering off is needed to quitting pot, but doing this only prolongs your addiction to weed, and can significantly set you back, especially if you have a timely goal in mind, like being pot-free by the 4th of July, etc.



Now having quit marijuana, you can intensify your detox by exercising. Exercise, in fact, is the single best way to detox from weed after you’ve stopped using weed.

The chemical in marijuana that gets you high – THC – exists in the fat cells of our bodies. As exercise burns those fat cells, away goes the THC.

Now, those who need to detox for drug testing reasons should know that exercise can backfire on them.

As the fat cells are burned, the THC is released into a person’s bloodstream and can remain there for a week.

With that in mind, traces of pot may still be in your bloodstream if your test is less than a week away.

As friendly advice for those who are about to take a drug test, don’t exercise for at least seven days before the test.



Addicts are tough on their bodies. If they’re not abusing themselves with drugs, they’re certainly not eating as healthy as they can be.

This is particularly true about the chronic pot smoker who now wants to quit, especially when he or she realizes food can be an effective detox tool.

High-fiber leafy greens are not only good for you physically, they also take marijuana to task by cleaning the chemical out of your system, especially the digestive track.

Experts advise that you should not take a laxative to speed up the detox process. The leafy greens are more than enough to get your body free and clear of THC.



If you find you are unable to successfully detox on your own, consider counseling from a certified addiction expert. They might be able to adjust your methods and goals, or come up with an entirely different program that can rid you of weed once and for all.

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The Best Way to Detox from Marijuana