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May 13, 2019
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May 13, 2019

The addictive properties of cocaine are nothing to take lightly. The drug is a powerful and widely abused substance.

In fact, medical professionals agree that a person can get hooked on cocaine after only one use of the drug. That’s how addictive cocaine is.

Sure, we do understand that it was the medical community who first introduced cocaine to the public. That in the late 19th century, the drug was medicinally used as an anesthetic for medical procedures. Cocaine was even used with cough syrups.

Cocaine as well was used as a pain blocker up until the early 20th century when it was realized that once cocaine metabolized in the human body, the drug became morphine. At that same time, Coca Cola was receiving a bad rap because cocaine was included in the drink.

The medicinal world, particularly Bayer, replaced cocaine with much less lethal and addicting aspirin. And Coca Cola took coke out of its ingredients. If you had a cough, cocaine cough syrup was also no longer available, all of which had to do with its addictiveness.

Of course, how addictive cocaine is varies depending upon how a person uses it. Some individuals can have a strong tolerance to the drug, while others experience a physical, emotional and mental impossibility to exist without the drug.

The reason so many people become susceptible to cocaine is its near immediate payoff of increased dopamine once it’s been snorted through the nose, smoked as a solid rock, or injected intravenously.

The issue with cocaine’s high, however, is that the euphoric feeling doesn’t last very long. And it’s because of that short duration of euphoria that a user, even a one-time user, can find him or herself back on the search for more cocaine.

This is why cocaine is so addicting. You feel great while experiencing its euphoric effects, but then quite lousy once the euphoric effects wear off.

You worsen even more once you realize the drug is not accessible to you. Your mood turns irritable, your appearance looks worn, you’ve also grown thin from not eating since cocaine tends to take away a user’s appetite.

By now it is probably a good idea to seek some sort of treatment, or at least counseling for what appears more likely to be an addiction. Search out a credible rehabilitation facility as your first step to get on track.

After all, there aren’t many different tracks you can take other than recovery when suffering from a cocaine addiction.

If you feel you or a loved one has an issue with cocaine, contact BLVD Treatment Centers. At BLVD Treatment Centers we custom tailor our recovery programs within the safe and nurturing confines of our rehab treatment centers. Located throughout California, in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and in Portland, OR, our mission is to assess the severity of your addiction to help you achieve true recovery within 30 days. Call us now at 1-866.582.9844.

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