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May 13, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Notoriously known for its addictive nature, cocaine is the second most trafficked illegal drug on the planet. Especially popular amongst the 15-34 age group, its estimated 7.5 million people have tried the drug at least once. If you are here to find an answer to the question ‘how long does cocaine stay in your urine?’ you are certainly not the first.

Several return to the substance for its euphoric highs and the intense sense of pleasure the substance provides. Inducing feel-good hormone production making users love socializing and boosting beta waves responsible for thought speed; it’s no myth why the drug holds such strong appeal.

However once the high wares off and the crash kicks in, people often seek more to bring back the feel-good state of mind.

How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

Even though the effects last for roughly 20-30 minutes before subsiding, users may still experience a prolonged ‘come-down’ even the day after consumption. The urine test results may show traces of the drug between 12-3 days producing positive test results.

It’s important to consider the half-life of cocaine  as well which effects how long it stays in an individual’s urine. Due to the lipid form cocaine takes on inside our bodies, it has a faster half-life then most drugs usually lasting around an hour.

Half-life refers to how to long it takes your body to break down the substance so that it decreases to half its original amount. However, chronic users of cocaine will have a longer half-life as more of the drug has built-up in the body.

Cocaine’s metabolite half-life eliminate from urine: estimated around 14-52 hours

The liver plays a central role in breaking down the cocaine into metabolites which can then find its way into fatty tissue and the lining of membranes. This is what may potentially make the half-life of the drug longer thus lengthening the time it takes for your body to eliminate it.

Did you know? When cocaine is snorted, it can reach the bloodstream within 3 minutes!

Urine tests: one of the most popular forms of testing for cocaine

It’s good to remember that the broken down products of cocaine can be found in urine for several weeks after consumption. Therefore it’s hard to give a clear and definite answer about how long it will take for traces to be detected in urine.

It’s safe to say that small amounts can be found of the drug as a whole a few hours after using. It’s the broken down metabolite, benzoylecgonine, which lingers in the system for longer. Concentrations can be detected anywhere between 2-4 days causing a positive test result.

However, if a chronic user has been binging on the substance then amounts can remain in the urine for up to 12 days.  One study even suggests heavy users can test positive after 10-14 days after consuming.

These variations are part of what makes answering the question ‘how long does cocaine stay in your urine?’ so tricky.

How urine testing works for cocaine

Being the most popular testing method for cocaine usage, urine screens are normally undertaken by employers who use the minimum cut-off level as established by the NIDA. This agreed level means up to 300 mcg of benzoylecgonine must be detected in urine in order to test positive for cocaine.

Testing can be tricky as results and concentrations of the drug metabolite may vary depending on the time of day the test is taken. Similarly, urine concentration is not constant either and glitches like a positive result following a negative one can occur without any more of the drug being taken.

A way people often try and bypass the test results is by drinking lots of water to flush out the cocaine. This is why random urine sampling is often used to ensure an accurate representation is collected.

What influences how long cocaine remains in your urine?

As cocaine is illegal, there is no regulation so the purity or the quality of the drug will vary depending on who the user buys from. This element also varies the answer we get when asking how long does cocaine stay in your urine as these differences affect how long the substance stays in your system. There are however some factors research has uncovered which could alter the rate cocaine may leave your urine, some of these are:

  • Your current health and fitness level
  • Your age
  • How well your metabolism functions
  • How tolerant you are to cocaine

How to detoxify Cocaine from your body?

Users can take various steps to speed up the detox from cocaine. If you are looking to flush your system from the substance as quick as possible, trying the following tips will help:

  1. Flush the body with water: it’s vital to keep rehydrated and water will encourage your body to detox naturally and eliminate the unwanted byproducts of the drug.
  2. Top up on fresh foods: fresh fruits and salads will up the nutrients and vitamins in your body encouraging it to reach a homeostatic level again. During this phase you want to avoid processed foods high in sugars and caffeine. It’s also recommended to top-up on foods rich in vitamin B, proteins and amino acids. Leafy green veg such as spinach, kale and seaweed contain plenty of fiber so will help cleanse the body whilst strengthening the defense system. Finally, foods rich in omega 3 such as certain types of fish and avocados are known to help curb cravings and fight addictions.
  3. Sweat! Light exercise and steam baths will encourage perspiration, the body’s natural method of detox.
  4. De-stress and unwind: stress releases damaging hormones such as cortisol which put the body at risk and prevents detoxification. If stress is an issue, individuals may look at undertaking activities such as yoga, meditation, walking in nature and massages.

Can cocaine rehab help?

If you know of someone or you yourself are currently battling with cocaine addiction, going to a quality rehabilitation centre can do the world of good. Gain access to qualified and helpful professionals who go the extra mile help people get back on track.

Rehab will also help you deal successfully with those dreaded triggers that could potentially lead to relapse again, so adopt a long-term approach.

Our BLVD Treatment Centers are tailored to fit your specific needs. When opting for the residential rehab option, you can take advantage of:

  • Individualized Detox Treatments
  • Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
  • Medically-Assisted Detox
  • A Comprehensive Aftercare Plan
  • Convenient Transport Services

Either way, you’ll get the help and support you need at one of our centres located in: Hollywood, Portland, Orange County, San Diego, West Los Angeles, Give our team a call to see how we can help on 8885376671.


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