Don’t let the term The Give-up Game mislead you. If there’s one thing sobriety isn’t, it’s giving up.

Sobriety instead embraces. It is the result of understanding that formerly, you had an issue with a substance. The substance itself doesn’t matter. What matters is the pattern of use; why you used, how you used and how often you used.

But all that is over now. You’re clean, and congratulations to you for that achievement.

Yet, at the same time, you might feel like you’ve sacrificed a great amount to get to this point in your life.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most common “give ups” that occur when a person chooses to become sober, and with that, get their life on track.



A large part of sobriety is saying goodbye. By that we mean goodbye to prior behavior, which can include those people with whom we conducted that prior behavior.

Friends and sometimes family need be separated from to achieve successful sobriety. This is especially true of those friends and family who are still drinking or using drugs.

It may seem harsh, but at the same time, your sobriety is the greatest asset you have, while those you partied with can become your worst liability.

Saying goodbye to those who were bad influences, or who instilled peer pressure upon you to continue your addiction, is critical toward maintaining your sobriety, particularly if those people have continued with their substance abuse.

Consequently, these friends and families may seem angry, saddened or disappointed. Yet, as much as it pains you to end your relationships, whether from fear of relapse due to their continued abuse, or because alcohol and drug use are no longer part of your lifestyle, this type of sacrifice is imperative for you to ensure your sobriety.



Without a doubt, there are aspects other than family and friends that may have to be sacrificed for your sobriety.

Old haunts, as in bars, clubs, and even restaurants might be tough to revisit without a drink in your hand.

Of course, this is what you should fear; that drink in your hand. Why? Because just as those same family and friends who still use alcohol and drugs can cause a relapse, the same can occur if you’re exposed to places where you used to party.



Sobriety isn’t invincible, even if you feel invincible since ending your habit. After all, you’ve overcome a major affliction in your life and with each day that passes, you space yourself further and further from that affliction.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the affliction can’t return. That’s why so many others who have substance abuse issues, say goodbye to everything to secure their sobriety and themselves.

And while this may seem difficult at first, maybe even impossible, it isn’t, especially if you have developed a strong network of people who can help you should you or your sobriety feel shaky.

In short, yes, saying goodbye to old friends, family and haunts that reflect your time as a user is an enormous sacrifice. But a strong and structured rehabilitation and a network of sober individuals with whom you can seek counseling can help to offset that sense of sacrifice.

If you believe your sobriety is the utmost important characteristic of your current life, your sacrifices will instead feel like weights that have been lifted from your shoulders as well as your psyche.


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Sobriety’s Sacrifices: What We Must Give Up To Live a Drug & Alcohol Free Lifestyle