The Question Du Jour: What is Microdosing?

Popular belief has it that microdosing on LSD is like doing Ritalin only without the cocaine-like physiological impact. Meanwhile, it is widely known that Ritalin is a nervous system stimulant, commonly prescribed to ADHD patients, chiefly minors. So, if the word has it that microdosing on LSD is like doing Ritalin, does that mean that adults are becoming hooked on what is perceived to be a kid’s drug? Evidence to the contrary is abundant. In fact, a recent Rolling Stone piece says that microdosing on LSD is common among twenty somethings seeking to enhance, not only their creativity, but also their productivity. But, why would working age adults need to enhance their creativity and productivity? I reckon the larger question is, whether this new trend implies that current creativity and productivity levels at the workplace are in need of enhancement. And, if this holds true, is it creating a fertile ground for the experimentation and adoption of drugs as part of a work culture that demands productivity to be raised to chemically induced levels? All questions worth exploring.

LSD Microdosing Put to the Test

To start with, microdosing refers to taking a much smaller dose of a drug. In the case of LSD a dose may range from 10-15 micrograms – that is 1/10 the standard dose. Steve Garcia with The Hustle, skeptical of all the microdosing hype, embarked on his own kind of “social experiment” in which he microdosed for 14 days. Getting the drugs wasn’t that hard. In fact, with a little research, and some bitcoins, one can find it easily on the “dark web,” the internet’s underground. As for the results of his experiment, Garcia described microdosing with LSD as being pretty awesome. Although, he also pointed out that its effects were not as noticeable as when he took modafinil, which in his own words “is usually prescribed to people who work night shifts and pilots who need to stay awake”. As for the economics of the drug, Garcia found LSD microdosing to be more cost effective. Socially speaking, he found microdosing on LSD to enhance his social abilities, particularly his sense of openness and communicative skills.

Is Microdosing a San Francisco/Silicon Valley Thing?

According to researcher James Fadiman, microdosing on LSD is reportedly a big thing in the San Francisco area and among the fast-paced Silicon Valley digerati. However, the problem with microdosing is that often the LSD sold on the streets is adulterated with drugs such as PCP, cocaine and even bath salts. In this case, the effects of microdosing could be highly dangerous to the user even if used in small quantities. Fadiman goes on to say that even when taking pure LSD, users can experience terror, confusion, anxiety and extreme paranoia. Now imagine taking the adulterated version. As for its use among the tech and creative class in Silicon Valley, we can only speculate that the meritocratic and hyper competitive culture of Silicon Valley has perhaps found a new enhancing way for tech workers to enhance their creativity and increase their productivity. After all, the creative class is always experimenting, trial and error type of rationale on a path to discover the new ‘smart drug’.

Do Not Try This at Home

Just to be clear: We are neither advocating nor encouraging drug experimentation. The intent of this article was to describe a new experimental trend in drug use for purely informational purposes. However, if you or a loved one is currently suffering from an addiction to substances, BLVD Treatment Centers provides patients with a judgment-free and healing environment that combines traditional, time-tested practices with innovative, evidence-based methods. Please speak with one of our caring and compassionate addiction specialists. In many cases your treatment can be 100% covered.

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What is Microdosing?