Maybe you’ve heard: Sobriety is the new black. It offers social cachet. With sobriety you’re showing the world that you’re a person that has come to terms with yourself and the world around you. Through the experience you’ve become smarter, tougher, stronger, and more enlightened.

At BLVD we honor your newly gained recovery in the way we design and construct our facilities. We see the space as part of our integrative approach to recovery. Our spaces are designed more like a boutique hotel or chic nightclub rather than an institution run by clinicians. We want our spaces to be places where you want to be. By choosing urban centers, our facilities are in ideal locales for young adults and with plenty of amenities. Urban centers allow our clients a variety of opportunities to integrate their actual experiences and daily activities into their treatment—like going to a movie or shopping. Inside and out, we are focused in making our spaces like our treatment: inspirational as well as aspirational. It’s what makes us BLVD.