The best heroin rehab treatment can in some respects be a loaded phrase.

Best for what? Best view of an ocean or a mountain range to get sober by? Best food, amenities, group counseling?

For the truth is, there is no true designation as to what “the best heroin rehab…” is. That’s because each addiction is different, even if those addictions are for the same drug (heroin in this case), just in the same way that each treatment center might have a different approach to a person’s dependency issues.

With some, the best heroin rehab treatment might feature outstanding group discussions, while for other rehab centers, exercise and fine cuisine are what is important.

Rehabs with a hardline no-hands-held policy might work for addicts who have a particularly strong addiction. Or in other cases, addicts like to be coddled, encouraged, babied in a sense, you might say.

The fact is this: before investing thousands of dollars into rehab facilities, an addict needs to know themselves and what will work for them in regard to their own best heroin rehab treatment.


Triggers have a lot to do with whether or not a person rehabs successfully. As you look into heroin treatment centers, find out what types of classes and activities they offer that can specifically help you.

With that in mind, you should also know yourself. Be honest and forthright. What was the impetus of your addiction? Why and how do you think it started? And is here, in this rehab, with this type of counseling, staff and patients the correct place for you to recover?

Understanding yourself and your addiction is the first way to understanding what sort of heroin rehab treatment you need.


This happens often: a user’s habit is so severe, there’s really no time to research treatment centers. Action needs to happen now with your addiction. And friends and family who know the trouble you’ve been having with your dependency, has already deposited you into a rehab that could be any rehab as far as you know.

Although by now you may be suffering withdrawals, try as best as you can to find out the heroin rehab treatment center’s process. What do they offer in guidance and counseling, etc.? If you find it isn’t a correct fit for you, constructively relay this to the treatment center, then ask if they can recommend another facility that is more your style.


In rehab, bells and whistles are usually the activities not directly connected to detox and recovery. These can range from drumming groups to long hikes in the mountains or canoeing in the water.

It all sounds like fun, but remember; it also costs money. Sometimes these side features of what is really drug recovery can range into the thousands of dollars each week you’re in rehab.

Ask yourself if you truly need these features. If you don’t like llamas, you probably don’t need an overpriced treatment center who uses llama petting as a recovery method.

The same goes for the yoga, backpack and canoe trips, as well as riding around in the woods on little ATVs, all of which is designed to free your mind from your addiction, though it nonetheless tends to add up.

So the question is, do you truly need all that to get the upper hand on your addiction. Do you even like llamas?

Sure, no price can be put on sobriety. But then sobriety doesn’t have to be so pricey as to put you in debt. Again, investigate the best facility for your needs. Heroin rehab treatment need not break the bank even if the treatment center you choose will consider a custom-tailored program for your recovery.

The fact is you’re doing something about your addiction, and that is a genuinely important first step.

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