Heroin Detox Drugs – What Options Are There?

If you’re struggling with heroin abuse, it’s only natural to want to know about potential heroin detox drugs that can be used to help you overcome such a situation.

Now, we know this is a trying time for you, as admitting you have such a problem is definitely not easy – not to mention how scary the thought of dealing with heroin withdrawal is.

heroin detox drugs

However, you should know that you’re not the first person to be dealing with such an issue. In fact, back in 2015, around 591,000 people reported they were struggling with heroin abuse. And the numbers haven’t really improved over the recent years, unfortunately.

So then, what kinds of heroin detox drugs are there? Well, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Methadone – Also known as Dolophine or Methadose, this drug is a slow-acting (as it’s administered orally) opioid agonist. That means its main purpose is to ensure you don’t have to deal with any painful heroin withdrawal symptoms.
  • Buprenorphine – Also known as Subutex, Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist. The main purpose of this drug is to try to relieve drug cravings without inducing any feelings of “high” that are associated with regular opiates.
  • Suboxone – Suboxone is basically Buprenorphine + Naloxone (an opioid antagonist). It’s usually taken orally or sublingually, but if it is injected (for abuse purposes), it can induce withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone – Also known under the names of Depade or Revia, this drug can block the effects of opiates, and also doesn’t cause any physical dependence. The only problem is that patients have a hard time sticking to a regular treatment, which essentially limits the effectiveness of Naltrexone.

Moreover, we should mention that heroin detox drugs are not the only coping mechanics used by heroin abuse victims. There are also plenty of behavioral therapies that can help, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Contingency Management.

Which one is more efficient?

Well, Contingency Management is all about rewarding patients with items that encourage healthy living for negative drug test results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, on the other hand, aims to modify the drug abuse victims’ behavior – with a focus on self-destructive traits – and offer them a way to cope with stress, social triggers, and various life-related events. So, it’s definitely a better choice.

heroin detox drugs 2

Of course, these kinds of therapies are usually employed within rehab facilities, as they are extremely like to be successful in controlled environments.

What’s more, the heroin detox drugs we just mentioned need to be administered by medical specialists and under supervision too. We’re saying that because we know many of you were about to ask the following.

“Is It Possible to Overcome Heroin Withdrawal on My Own, Then?”

Now that you know about the various heroin detox drugs out there, some of you probably think you can take on heroin withdrawal all by yourself.

However, the reality is far from it.

First and foremost, you must understand that most of the counter-drugs we just mentioned are not widely available – especially for heroin abuse victims. Usually, the only way to make use of them is in a clinic or rehab center.

Still, let’s say you do manage to get your hands on methadone, for example. If you take it on your own, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Why? Because it’s an opioid, after all, and it is highly addictive as well.

As a result, if you were to take methadone unsupervised – even if you intended to do it to overcome heroin abuse – you would just be trading one addiction for another.

The same can happen to you if you take Suboxone on your own, as you can easily end up abusing the drug.

heroin detox drugs 3

Furthermore, taking Naltrexone unsupervised is also a risk. It might have a particularly low potential for abuse, but the problem with it is that it doesn’t always reduce drug cravings.

And it’s important to keep in mind that – during withdrawal – you will have to deal with severe drug cravings, especially when the withdrawal symptoms start to kick into high-gear.

Sadly, when that happens, you are extremely likely to relapse. Sure, you might have an iron will and be extremely determined to succeed, but that unfortunately won’t be of much help when your own body and brain will start working against you.

And if you relapse, you won’t just end up taking heroin again. In fact, you will be at risk of taking doses that are too large, which can result in you overdosing on heroin!

If that happens, the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain will be significantly decreased. As a result, you can go into a coma and suffer prolonged brain damage.

And that’s not something that happens only to a few people. After all, since 2010, heroin-related overdose deaths have pretty much quadrupled in number.

That’s not even all, though. If you don’t get proper mental care during the withdrawal process, you’re very likely to develop Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms. Essentially, they are similar to psychological heroin withdrawal symptoms, but they can occur randomly and last up to a few years.

What’s more, you are also likely to experience:

  • Intense Mood Swings
  • Anhedonia
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Severe Fatigue

heroin detox drugs 4

So no, you definitely can’t just expect to take heroin detox drugs on your own and successfully overcome your heroin addiction. Doing that can seriously endanger your life.

And that’s exactly why your only option is to rely on inpatient detox, so that you can get all the help you need and deserve.

Plus, you won’t even have to look too far, as you’ve already found the most efficient detox treatment options out there.


BLVD Treatment Centers – The Best (And Safest) Way to Overcome Heroin Abuse

We have plenty of experience with helping people in your situation achieve a full, healthy recovery. What’s more, we can offer exactly the kind of specialized assistance you require right now:

  • Medically-Assisted Detox – Heroin detox can be painful, which is why our medical specialists will make sure you won’t have to experience any pain or discomfort during your recovery.
  • 24/7 Nursing – During your inpatient recovery, you will be under constant medical supervision. As a result, you can rest assured that your health will never be at risk, and that you won’t become addicted to the heroin detox drugs you will be administered.
  • Individualized Rehab – We employ recovery experts who can analyze all the personal and medical data you provide, so that they can come up with a completely personalized detox treatment just for you.
  • Transport Assistance – Need help getting to our rehab facilities? No problem! Not only can we handle travel arrangements on your behalf to make everything simpler for you, but we can also ensure you get to travel alongside a sober companion if you want.

That’s not all, though. One aspect we are certain you will love is that we know how to value your privacy. Essentially, once you check into our inpatient detox centers, you won’t have to worry about needing to give up your cell phones or laptops.

Actually, speaking of our inpatient facilities, you should know that they consist of 2 luxurious, spacious, and very welcoming rehab centers in Corona and Hollywood. They are located in exclusive, beautiful, and quiet areas, and offer you access to a wide array of services and amenities:

  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Social Events
  • HDTV with Cable
  • Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
  • A Quality Aftercare Program
  • Private/Semi-Private Rooms
  • A 100% Sober, Comfortable Environment
  • Psychiatric Evaluations

heroin detox drugs 5

Of course, when it comes to heroin recovery, inpatient treatment isn’t always enough. Not to say that it doesn’t help (it can actually save your life!), but to truly regain your independence, post-rehab support is also recommended.

We’ve got great news then – we also provide access to intensive outpatient programs! This way, you can keep taking advantage of our quality rehab services without having to stay at our facilities overnight. Plus, you definitely won’t feel like you are on your own during the whole recovery process.

Are our outpatient services worth it, you might ask? Well, let’s start with the activities and services we put at your disposal:

  • Equine/Music/Art Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation and Dharma
  • A Holistic Approach to Recovery
  • Yoga, Tai-Chi, or Qi-Gong
  • Drum Circles
  • Acupuncture
  • SMART Recovery
  • Family System Approaches
  • Process Therapy Groups
  • Wellness Groups
  • Healthy Relationships Groups
  • Nutritious Culinary Services
  • Unique Boutique Facilities
  • Strength in Recovery
  • Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP)
  • A Wide Range of Recovery Tracks:
    • LGBTQ-Affirmative Recovery
    • Primetime Recovery
    • 12-Step-Based Recovery
    • Non-12-Step-Based Recovery

Furthermore, by choosing our outpatient programs, you’ll get to truly understand your addiction, as we offer access to educational courses that can teach you everything you need to know about heroin detox drugs, rehabilitation, and substance abuse in general.

Here are some examples of subjects that will be discussed during these courses:

  • How to have a healthy relationship post-rehab.
  • Dating guidelines you must keep in mind during recovery.
  • How to re-adjust to family dynamics post-rehab.
  • Measures you must take to make sure you don’t relapse.
  • How to balance a rehab program with work.
  • The secret to regulating emotions and dealing with relapse triggers.
  • The key to better managing free time and stress after rehab.

heroin detox drugs 6

You should also know that attending our outpatient treatment programs means you won’t have to drastically alter your day-to-day schedule at all. How come? Because we offer 2 very flexible programs:

  • The Day Program – We are available Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 4PM, and are more than looking forward to help you.
  • The Night Program – We also offer quality support every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM.

And since our outpatient facilities are located in metropolitan areas, you’ll actually be able to combine all the skills and info you learn during your recovery with real-life experience.

Lastly, if you’re interested in knowing where our outpatient facilities are located, here are your options:


Want to Learn More about Heroin Detox Drugs and Getting Proper Care? Just Call 888-537-6671!

We’re available 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about having to wait around for somebody to answer your calls. And since our phones are manned by recovery experts, they will be able to offer you all the info you seek, and also help you pick the right detox treatment.

You should also know that we ensure that each phone call you make is 100% confidential, so there is no chance that your privacy will be in danger.

Not only that, but we also don’t keep any insurance records and credit cards on file. Yes, we don’t have a problem with going the extra mile to safeguard your private data.

As for the payments, here’s what you should know:

  • It’s very likely that your insurance provider will cover your rehab costs. We can generally determined eligibility within the same day.
  • If that isn’t possible, however, there’s no need to panic. We provide access to inclusive financial assistance programs
  • We should also mention that you can opt for budget-friendly private payment plans if you want as well. Our fees are billed monthly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs.

Oh yeah, and here’s the best part – there are no waitlists involved! In fact, if everything goes alright, you can actually start your recovery within 24 hours of getting in touch with us.

heroin detox drugs 7

So, call 888-537-6671 or contact us online. We can offer you excellent mental care services, proper therapy, medically-supervised heroin detox drugs-based treatments, and a true chance at regaining full control of your present and future.