If you’ve decided you want to learn how to quit cocaine, kudos to you. It’s not easy knowing you have a drug problem and being open about it. Not to mention that you’re not alone in this, as around 35 million people in the US aged 12 or older have reportedly used cocaine at some point in their lives.

However, we do hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the truth of the matter is that quitting a drug like cocaine is not a walk in the park.

See, it’s not something you can do in the blink of an eye – especially if you are addicted to it. We know nobody wants to admit they are struggling with addiction in such a case, but overlooking this aspect will get you nowhere.

Basically, if you are experiencing the following symptoms whenever you stop taking cocaine for a while, you have an addiction issue:

Severe mood changes
Increased heart rate
Extremely enlarged and dilated pupils
Weight loss and a seriously decreased appetite
Scattered speech
Nasal congestion
Cocaine addiction issue

Unfortunately, in this case, the solution isn’t as simple as just googling “how to quit cocaine” and calling it a day. In reality, you will require professional assistance to overcome this hurdle.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to alleviate your situation and the withdrawal symptoms until you can find the assistance you require. So, here are some things to keep in mind:

Talk it out with someone – One of the best things you can do in this situation is to discuss your feelings and what you’re going through with a close friend or a family member. Just make sure they don’t use cocaine. Otherwise, you won’t get the comfort you need.
Prepare ahead of time to combat depressions – After a while, most of your mood swings will end in depressions. We advise finding a low-key way to keep yourself happy and entertained during that period which doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. For example, you could watch one of your favorite comedy films and order a pizza to take your mind off of things.
Fill up your schedule – It’s vital to keep yourself busy when you’re trying to quit a drug. Otherwise, your mind might eventually wander and tempt you to start using again. Do anything you can – join a book club, go on hikes, try learning a new language.
Do some exercises – Going for a jog or hitting the gym for a while could really help you battle the withdrawal symptoms you are dealing with. Plus, it will do wonders for your mood and self-confidence.
Exercise helps battle cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking: “Now that I know how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, I can surely learn how to quit cocaine on my own and do it too!”

While we admire your positivity and motivation, the reality is sadly far from that. Trying to fully detox your body from cocaine on your own when you’re addicted to it could seriously harm you.

Sure, you might think it’s more convenient, and we can see where you’re coming from. However, just because you now know how to deal with your withdrawal symptoms to a certain extent doesn’t mean you have the power to go cold turkey on your own.

In fact, doing that can put your life in danger. That’s because the withdrawal symptoms might become too much to bear and you could break down under all that mental pressure.

Quitting cocaine at home is not recommended

As a result, you could either end up relapsing and doing cocaine again. Even worse, you might actually binge on it, resulting in overdose. Plenty of people have died because of cocaine overdose in the recent years, so you shouldn’t take this lightly.

Alternatively, you run the risk of having to be hospitalized because you injured yourself.

Ultimately, you have to understand that there is no secret or shortcut to how to quit cocaine. You can’t do it overnight, and you should definitely no try to do it on your own.

Your best bet is to seek professional help from medical rehab facilities in this situation.

We realize you might not like the sound of that, and we sympathize with you. After all, it’s not easy admitting you have a serious drug problem and need specialized assistance with it.

However, while it might not be easy, it’s definitely courageous, admirable, and pretty impressive. Moreover, it’s the kind of decision that will not only save your life, but also help you improve it in the long run.

With the help of specialized medical experts, you can actually get rid of your cocaine addiction once and for all. Well, we here at BLVD Treatment Centers have just one single goal: To make your recovery as stress-free, convenient, and safe as possible.

To help you regain control of your life, we will not only offer you access to information-rich courses on how to quit cocaine and deal with living a sober lifestyle.

No, we will actually provide you with top-notch inpatient detox treatment that is guaranteed to help you achieve the independence you want and deserve.

First of all, we offer medically-assisted detox, which is vital at this stage of your addiction. Simply put, you won’t have to be afraid of painful, traumatic withdrawal symptoms. Our medical professionals will make sure your health is not in danger, and that everything will be fine.

Secondly, we can offer you transport services if you need help getting to any of our drug rehab facilities. Our services range from pick-ups and travel assistance to arranging for you to travel with a sober companion.

Lastly, you’ll be recovering at our luxurious, spacious, and welcoming rehab centers that are located in exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood and Corona. Not only will you get to enjoy amazing sights and some peace and quiet, but you’ll also benefit from wonderful services and amenities:

24/7 Medical Surveillance
Healthy, Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
A Quiet Setting
A Thorough Aftercare Plan
One-on-One Therapy
Private/Semi-Private Rooms
Emotionally-Driven Group Therapy
And many more other things, which will only make your recovery that much enjoyable. Safe to say, you will receive all the medical and psychological attention you deserve – not to mention moral and emotional support that can really make a difference.

Cocaine addiction recovery at BLVD

What’s more, when you finish your rehab, you won’t have to worry about relapsing. Yes, we offer a quality aftercare plan, but that’s not all.

BLVD Treatment Centers can also provide you with reliable, trustworthy outpatient programs as well. Thus, you’ll have all the motivation, support, and emotional stability you could need to make sure you stay clean for good.

And no, you won’t have to worry about making any drastic changes to your day-to-day schedule. After all, we know you’re anxious to see how it is to live a life that is no longer under the control of cocaine.

We actually offer 2 very flexible programs that you can take advantage of:

The Day Program – We’re available Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 4PM. We will help you understand your addiction and help you re-develop vital social skills.
The Night Program – Our night courses take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM. While attending them, you’ll get to enjoy lectures on family dynamics, how to have relationships when you’re sober, and excellent group therapy sessions.
Also, we have intensive outpatient rehab centers located in both California and Oregon, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from:

West Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
How do I quit cocaine

Everything sounds amazing? Then you’re ready to take the next step!

We are available 24/7, and more than eager to help you out. Our phones are manned by treatment experts, so they will be able to tell you how to quit cocaine the right way and help you choose the right detox program for you. Oh yeah, and every single call you make is 100% confidential.

Also, when you contact us, our specialists will assess your financial info as well. Why? Because it’s very likely that your insurance provider will cover your rehab treatment. If that isn’t the case, you have 2 other alternatives:

You might be eligible for some of our financial assistance programs.
You can take advantage of our private payment plans. Billings are made monthly or bi-weekly.
Plus, after we handle everything on your behalf, you can start your treatment within 24 hours. Yes, that’s exactly how much we want to help you overcome your addiction!

So, give us a call at 885376671 or contact us online.

With our help, you won’t just learn how to quit cocaine forever. You will actually find the inner strength you need to regain control of your present and future.

How to quit cocaine infographic

Speak to an addiction expert on the phone, 24-7. They will help you decide which is the best treatment program for you.

Over the phone we’ll collect your insurance and financial information. In many cases your treatment can be 100% covered.

The process is quick and easy. In most cases treatment can begin within 24 hours.