What’s the Best Thing for Opiate Withdrawal?

If you are among the 36 million people around the world who struggle with opiate abuse, it’s only natural to ask yourself “What’s the best thing for opiate withdrawal?”

Naturally, you’d want to overcome your addiction in a safe, risk-free way, and we completely understand that. After all, opiate withdrawal means dealing with symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Goosebumps
  • Insomnia
  • Racing Heart
  • Fever
  • Muscle Aches
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Depression

The Best Thing for Opiate Withdrawal

So, you would obviously want to get the help you need and deserve in such a situation.

Now, while you might find plenty of recovery tips and methods online (ranging from therapy sessions to supplements), there’s only one true way to really regain full control of your life – inpatient detox!

How do you know this kind of rehab is the best thing for opiate withdrawal? Well, just take a look at all the main benefits:


Inpatient Detox Will Keep You Safe

The main thing to keep in mind is that you will receive proper medical assistance throughout your detox period.

Essentially, that means you’ll be able to recover without having to experience any painful withdrawal symptoms at all, as you will be administered the right counter-drugs to eliminate them.

What’s more, since you will be under constant medical surveillance, there is no chance that you will become addicted to the counter-drugs in question.

Here’s another thing to keep in mind while we’re discussing this – opiate withdrawal can actually be deadly! So, trying to tackle it head-on without any professional assistance by your side can have grave consequences.


With Residential Rehab, You Receive Adequate Mental Care

Mental care is vital when dealing with opiate abuse and withdrawal. And it won’t just help you understand your feelings, boost your self-esteem, and help you find the real cause of your addiction.

No, it will also ensure you don’t develop Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms. Basically, they are similar to the symptoms we mentioned at the beginning of the article, but they tend to occur randomly, and can even last up to a few years!

Not only that, but it’s also likely you will experience other unpleasant symptoms as well:

  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Anhedonia (the inability to enjoy things/situations you would normally find pleasurable)
  • Fatigue
  • Intense Mood Swings

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During Inpatient Recovery, You Are Never Alone!

And that’s not only because the facility’s staff is there to offer you round-the-clock care.

It’s also due to the fact that you will get to participate in group therapy sessions. This way, you would be able to share your experiences with people who are in the same situation such as you.

Thus, you will know that all the support and motivation you will get from them will be genuine, as it’s coming from people who truly understand your struggle.

Plus, who knows, you might even be able to forge long-lasting friendships as a result of this. That’s exactly what you would need once you finish your inpatient treatment, in fact!


You Get to Take Advantage of a Fully Sober Environment

During inpatient detox, you’ll never have to worry about temptation getting the best of you. That’s not to say that you don’t have a strong will or so, but drug cravings can get the best of anyone.

Well, not only will you keep the cravings at bay thanks to the medical assistance you will receive, but the fact that there will be no way to trigger them will also help immensely.

What’s more, this way, you won’t have to worry about relapsing and taking too many opiates to try and calm your symptoms, which can usually result in an overdose!


Sounds Pretty Good, Right?

Well, that’s not all!

Here are some useful pointers that will help you alleviate some of the discomfort you might be feeling (at least until you get the detox services you need):

  • Get comfortable – You’d be surprised how much of a difference a hot bath, a good book, some healthy food, and a warm blanket can make in this situation. Not only will it help you get rid of some of the stress and anxiety you might be experiencing, but it will also calm your body, thus ensuring muscle aches and soreness don’t bother you anymore.
  • Exercise – Sure, that’s the last thing you’d want to do right now, but hear us out on it. Essentially, doing exercises (be it cardio or some moderate weightlifting) can help your body produce more endorphins. As a result, you’ll be naturally happier, so symptoms like depression won’t bother you that much.
  • Meditate – As cliché as this might sound, meditation has its perks when it comes to dealing with drug abuse. That’s because meditating can help you get rid of some of the stress and anxiety that might be troubling you during withdrawal. So, just find a quiet space in your home or outside, get comfortable, breathe in, and start letting your mind wander.
  • Get plenty of sleep – Rest is extremely important when dealing with any kind of withdrawal. After all, if you’re tired, the discomfort caused by the withdrawal will be much more unpleasant. Now, we do know that doing this is easier said than done during opiate withdrawal, so here are a few pointers to help you out.

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Just remember that these tips are only meant to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms you might experience – they will not cure your addiction!


Also, Please Keep One Thing in Mind

When it comes to opiate abuse, it’s paramount you choose the best detox facility there is!

Of course, that does mean you’ll have to spend quite a lot of hours researching your options, which might not be the most pleasant experience right now.

Fortunately, we’ve got great news. You won’t have to do any of that, as you’ve already found the best thing for opiate withdrawal – our services!

Out Detox Services – The Best Thing for Opiate Withdrawal

We here at BLVD Treatment Centers can offer you exactly what you need right now – a safe, emotionally-secure, and healthy way to overcome your opiate addiction.

Don’t believe us? Just check out all the amazing services we can provide you with:

  • Medically-Assisted Detox – Our medical specialists will make sure that you won’t experience any painful withdrawal symptoms at all during your recovery.
  • Transport Assistance – If you need help getting to our detox centers, don’t worry. We can handle travel arrangements on your behalf, and we can even make it possible for you to travel alongside a sober companion if you want.
  • Proper Mental Care – You will get to take advantage of counseling sessions that will help you pinpoint the main cause of your addiction, so that you can truly address and overcome it.
  • Individualized Detox Treatments – We employ recovery experts who can take all the background and medical info you provide into account to design a personalized rehab program just for you.
  • 24/7 Nursing Care – Our staff works round-the-clock to ensure that every single one of your needs is met. Plus, this way, you can rest assured that your health will never be at risk.

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If that’s not enough, maybe you’d like to hear what some of our former patients had to say about our detox facilities and services:

“The quality of therapists is extremely high. Clinicians and support staff are extremely dedicated. Able to provide a wide variety of services and options. The facilities are well designed and comfortable. Most often treatment centers offer either a 12 Step or non-12 Step approach, rarely do they offer both as does BLVD. BLVD Centers are also located in the metropolitan area with access to all of the benefits a city has to offer.”

“The facility is designed and furnished really well. I never felt like I wanted to leave early, or like I didn’t want to be there. Everyone’s case manager was awesome. I would have been happy with any of them being my case manager. The facilitators always had new material. It was great. The staff really took their time with me. I had a rough time this last time out, and they loved me back to feeling good about self. It was so much fun too. I was at Blvd for just over 3 months and never got tired of it. That’s important if you’re in treatment, trust me.”

What’s more, here are the kinds of things we can offer you during your stay at our luxurious and spacious detox facilities in Hollywood and Corona to prove our services are the best thing for opiate withdrawal:

  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Private/Semi-Private Rooms
  • HDTV with Cable
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • A Quality Aftercare Program
  • Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals

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That’s not all, though – we also provide access to intensive outpatient programs. That might be just what you need post-rehab, as it would let you enjoy top-notch support and motivation during the rest of your recovery.

And you know we mean business – just look at all the services and amenities we can offer:

  • Equine/Art/Music Therapy
  • Tai-Chi, Yoga, or Qi-Gong
  • Wellness Groups
  • Nutritious Culinary Services
  • Acupuncture
  • Drum Circles

Furthermore, our outpatient facilities offer 2 flexible programs:

  • The Day Program – You can rely on us for proper assistance Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 4PM.
  • The Night Program – If you have a busier day-time schedule, you can also check out our outpatient courses every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM.

Lastly, we should also add that our recovery experts can teach you everything you need to know about addiction if you attend our educational courses that address topics such as:

  • What steps you must take to ensure you never relapse post-rehab.
  • How to re-adjust to family dynamics during recovery.
  • How to have a healthy relationship post-rehab.
  • Why a mix of inpatient + outpatient recovery is the best thing for opiate withdrawal.
  • How to better deal with stress and time managements post-rehab.

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As for the outpatient facilities themselves, we have numerous centers located in many cities throughout the country:


Call 8885376671 to Regain Full Control of Your Life!

We are available 24/7, and our phones are manned by recovery experts who are looking forward to answering all your questions and helping you pick the right detox treatment for you.

What’s more, they will also assess your financial info to see if it’s possible for your insurance provider to cover all your rehab costs.

If it isn’t – don’t worry. We also offer access to very inclusive financial assistance programs. That, and we provide budget-friendly payment plans too.

As for our fees, they are billed monthly, but we can accommodate bi-weekly payments too if it’s necessary.

Oh, and don’t worry about your privacy – it’s completely safe with us! We go to great lengths to keep it safe. After all, we:

  • Don’t keep any insurance records on file.
  • Make sure every phone call you make is 100% confidential.
  • Don’t keep any credit cards on file.

The Best Thing for Opiate Withdrawal 7

And – best of all – you don’t have to deal with any waitlists at all! In fact, most of our patients were able to start their recovery within 24 hours of contacting us.

So, call 8885376671 or contact us online today. Our services are the best thing for opiate withdrawal, and we can help you overcome your addiction, and regain full control of your present and future!


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