Klonopin and Alcohol – A Deadly Mix

Klonopin and alcohol abuse is more common than one might think, as we’re talking about 2 substances with a high addiction potential – especially when it comes to Klonopin, a powerful benzodiazepine. There’s a reason why the drug is usually prescribed to only be used for a few weeks, after all.

Well, whether you’re a victim of Klonopin or alcohol abuse, your odds of mixing the 2 vices are unfortunately quite high.

How come? It’s mostly due to the tolerance your body ends up developing when you drink too much or take too many doses of Klonopin. As a result, you will feel the need to take more/drink more, or even mix up the 2 substances to get a more powerful “high.”

Of course, if you are in this situation, you might be thinking right now: “Well, I’m not addicted to alcohol/Klonopin, as I can quit whenever I want.”

But can you really do that, or are you just feeling the need to be defensive?

We should let you know that there’s no reason to feel ashamed if you are in this situation – you are not alone in it! Around 61,200 people needed emergency care because of their Klonopin abuse habits. What’s more, approximately 15 million adults aged 18 or older are struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

klonopin and alcohol

So, you can see that this situation is not unique to you. We actually think it takes a lot of courage to admit you have an addiction issue and need professional help.

Still, if you’re not fully sure what to think yet, we should discuss withdrawal symptoms a bit. If you experience them, it means you are addicted to Klonopin/alcohol. Here’s a quick rundown for you:

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Short-Term Memory Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach Pain
  • Blurred Vision and Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability and Anger
  • Intense Drug Cravings
  • Severe Mood Swings
  • Hallucinations and Nightmares

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Jumpiness
  • Clammy Skin
  • Headaches
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Agitations
  • Sweating
  • Intense Confusion
  • Fever
  • Enlarged Pupils
  • Loss of Appetite

klonopin and alcohol

Now, if you’re not experiencing every single symptom on that list, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear! You don’t have to experience each one of them for it to be true that you’re addicted to Klonopin and alcohol.

Also, do keep in mind your withdrawal symptoms can be influenced by several factors:

  • How much you usually drink.
  • How big the doses of Klonopin you take are.
  • If you have a family history of drug/alcohol abuse.
  • How often you drink/take Klonopin.
  • And, most importantly, if you mix the 2 substances.

So, if you are already taking Klonopin and alcohol, we definitely feel you should know how you are endangering your life.


The Dangers of Combining Klonopin and Alcohol

Before we get to that, let’s get one thing straight – drinking alcohol in excess is dangerous enough itself! That’s because it can cause:

  • Strokes
  • Fatty liver
  • Irregular changes in heartbeat
  • Cirrhosis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Dropping of the heart muscle tissue (Cardiomyopathy)
  • High blood pressure

klonopin and alcohol

Thus, you can imagine that once you combine Klonopin and alcohol, you get a really deadly mix. To understand why, here’s a short overview of all the dangers you might experience:

  • Enhanced Side Effects – That includes withdrawal symptoms too! Since both alcohol and Klonopin are ingested orally, they are metabolized at a slower rate. Therefore, larger quantities of Klonopin and alcohol will enter your bloodstream over time.
  • Fatal Falls – When you mix alcohol and Klonopin, you are at risk of seriously harming yourself. That’s because this combination will severely enhance the drowsiness and sleepiness you will usually experience when taking Klonopin. As a result, you will also experience a serious lack of coordination when walking.
  • Comas – Just like the fatal falls, comas are a possibility because of the increased sleepiness and drowsiness you will feel. Because of that, it will be extremely difficult for someone to wake you up.
  • Lack of Oxygen – Mixing Klonopin and alcohol can result in depressed breathing, which means your body will not get enough oxygen. Sadly, if you experience this and nobody notices, you could actually die, as you won’t receive the emergency medical care you will need.
  • Overdose Potential – Alcohol and Klonopin both influence the GABA receptors in your brain, thus enhancing the effects you feel when taking Klonopin and drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, that means it takes a smaller amount of Klonopin and alcohol to induce a fatal overdose!

Other problems include reduced liver functions, memory issues, intense vomiting, and even unconsciousness (which usually results in comas).

And before you ask, no, you should never attempt to quit Klonopin and alcohol abuse all on your own – it’s extremely dangerous to do so!

First of all, the withdrawal symptoms you will experience will be so traumatic and severe that you might end up having to be hospitalized.

What’s more, once the drug/alcohol cravings kick in, it will be nigh impossible to resist them. And when that happens, you will very likely go overboard and drink too much alcohol/take doses that are too large.

Thus, you will once again be at risk of overdosing!

klonopin and alcohol 4

So, what’s the solution then?

Well, in your situation, your best bet is to opt for inpatient detox treatment.


Residential Rehab – The Safest Option

To make a long story short, here is how inpatient detox facilities can help you overcome your Klonopin and alcohol addiction in a safe, healthy manner:

You’ll Receive Quality Medical Supervision

That’s exactly what you need right now. This way, there’s no risk that any withdrawal symptoms or drug/alcohol cravings will put your life in danger.

Plus, the professional medical staff who will keep an eye on you will ensure you will not become addicted to the counter-drugs you will be administered at all.

You’ll Benefit from Proper Group Therapy

Knowing you are not alone in your struggle is paramount in this situation. While your friends and family can offer decent support, it’s completely different when you get it from people who are in the same situation as you.

What’s more, you might even forge long-term friendships that help you stay sober in the long run.

You’ll Get to Truly Understand Yourself

Inpatient detox isn’t just about receiving medical care. It’s also about undergoing psychiatric counseling sessions to help you comprehend what the true root of your Klonopin and alcohol abuse was.

klonopin and alcohol 5

This way, you will experience vital self-discovery that will offer you a whole new outlook on life.

Everything Sounds Great, Right?

Just be sure to choose the best inpatient detox services! That’s the only way you will receive the help you need.

Don’t worry, though – you won’t have to spend countless hours researching rehab facilities. You already found the most efficient and reliable residential detox centers there are.


BLVD Treatment Centers – The Best Way to Safely Regain Control of Your Life

Klonopin and alcohol withdrawal can be extremely traumatic – as you’ve just seen – so you need to get the most efficient care there is. Well, we have plenty of experience with helping both victims of Klonopin and alcohol addiction, so we can offer you exactly what you need right now.

Let’s start off by showcasing exactly what we can provide you with during inpatient rehab:

  • Medically-Assisted Detox – The medical experts we employ will assess your situation and administer counter-drugs accordingly. This way, you won’t have to deal with any painful withdrawal symptoms at all!
  • Transport Services – Need help getting to our detox centers? We’ve got you covered, as we can handle travel arrangements on your behalf and even ensure you get to travel alongside a sober companion if it’s necessary.
  • Personalized Detox Programs – We also employ treatment experts who can design a completely individualized rehab program just for you. Thus, you can rest assured that each and every one of your needs will be met.
  • 24/7 Nursing Care – Out staff works round-the-clock to make sure that you never feel like you are facing your addiction on your own. Whenever you need their help, they will always be there to gladly offer it.
  • Psychiatric Evaluations – At our facilities, we provide one-on-one counseling, which is exactly what you require to truly understand what caused your addiction in the first place.

Those are just the highlights, though. You’ll also love the fact that you will be spending your rehab period at our luxurious, welcoming, and very spacious Corona and Hollywood rehab centers.

Our facilities aren’t just located in exclusive, quiet, and beautiful neighborhoods. They also offer you access to amazing services and amenities:

  • Private/Semi-Private Rooms
  • Excellent Culinary Services
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Social Events
  • HDTV with Cable
  • A Quality Aftercare Program

klonopin and alcohol 6

Actually, speaking of the aftercare program, we should also mention that once you finish your inpatient rehab, you can continue benefiting from our outpatient services too!

That pretty much means there will be 0 chances you’ll relapse, as you will keep taking advantage of quality emotional support and motivation.

In case you are interested, here are our outpatient rehab centers:

We should also mention that you won’t have to start planning how you’ll adjust your day-to-day schedule since we offer 2 very flexible programs:

  • The Day Program – We’re ready to provide you with the continued assistance you require to live a completely sober and healthy life Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 4PM.
  • The Night Program – If you’ll have a busier schedule, you can rely on us for help every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM instead.

What will you get to enjoy during outpatient rehab? Well, we offer a range of activities, for starters:

  • Equine Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Social Outings
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture

And many more.

Plus, we also offer access to educational courses that address important subjects, such as:

  • How to have a healthy relationship when you’re sober.
  • How to readjust to family dynamics post-rehab.
  • What causes people to engage in consuming Klonopin and alcohol
  • What measures you can take to guarantee you’ll never relapse.

klonopin and alcohol 7

Call 8885376671 to Overcome Your Klonopin and Alcohol Addiction for Good!

Our phones are manned 24/7 by treatment experts, and they will answer every single question you have. Moreover, they will also help you pick the right rehab program for you, and they will even check your financial info to see if your insurance provider will cover your detox costs.

If that isn’t possible, then don’t worry. There are still 2 other options:

  • You might be eligible for some of our financial assistance programs.
  • You could opt for our budget-friendly private payment plans. Our fees are billed monthly, but we can handle bi-weekly payments too.

And don’t worry about your privacy being in danger. We don’t keep any insurance records and credit cards on file. What’s more, we make sure that every phone call we receive from you is 100% confidential.

Best of all, once everything is handled, you won’t have to sit around dealing with any waitlists. That’s because you can start your recovery within 24 hours! Isn’t that amazing?

So, call 8885376671 or get in touch with us online today. This will be one decision you will never regret making.