Imodium High

Maybe you’re wondering why would and how could someone down tens to hundreds of Imodium tablets. It sounds so unthinkable for those late to the party. However, Imodium high is a legit and rampant phenomenon. Apparently, opioid addicts who can’t get access to pain relievers resort to Imodium and other anti-diarrhea drugs to fill their fix. Still puzzled? Let’s discuss further what Imodium is.


What is Imodium?

Anyone who doesn’t know what Imodium is, is probably from another planet. We earthlings certainly have all taken it on several occasions. For the unfamiliar, Imodium is an over-the-counter medication for diarrhea. It’s also such a lifesaver for most of us. Because, as you know, sometimes the call of nature can be pretty unpredictable and totally unsexy. But all thanks to Imodium, we’ve saved ourselves from further trips to the toilet and perhaps an embarrassing moment, too.

Imodium sounds pretty benign, right? Well, deep down its hero-like qualities lie an alter-ego—an inner Hulk that once provoked could wreak havoc into our lives. If you use it right and as prescribed, like an anti-diarrhea med that it is, then you’re fine. But if you’re like others who want to get that controversial “Imodium high,” you’re definitely putting yourself at risk.

Imodium’s main active component, Loperamide, is a type of opiate that works to ease bowel movements. But unlike other opioids, normal dosage of Loperamide doesn’t cross into the blood via the brain; thus, won’t make you feel warm, happy and fuzzy inside. Now, it’s a different story if you take it at massive doses. Because if you do, the drug can reach your blood stream and brain, and can give you Imodium high that’s quite akin to the euphoric effects of opioids.


Why People are Taking Imodium to the Extreme?

8 mg per day or 4 caplets is the average, safe dose of Imodium. But some take as much as 200 mg because it turns out Imodium high is rapidly becoming a thing. In fact, there’s been a significant increase on talks about Loperamide abuse on drug-related web forums, according to this report. The 2 main reasons why some are hooked on Imodium.

  1. To get high

Dubbed as the poor man’s methadone, Loperamide aka Imodium is cheap, legal, readily available, and can be purchased in huge quantities.

  1. To treat opioid withdrawal symptoms

Some doctors prescribe Imodium to aid their patients suffering from opioid withdrawal signs. However, many people choose the do-it-yourself route and self-medicate, which is a big NO NO.


Imodium Abuse and Deadly Effects

As mentioned earlier, taking more than the required dosage of Imodium is dangerous. Your Imodium high is absolutely not worth it because of the following side effects:

With all these things in mind, there’s no doubt you shouldn’t ingest Imodium apart for its anti-diarrhea super powers. And sure, getting high may make you feel bursting with happiness, but it’s only artificial, fleeting and worst of all, fatal. So breakup with your drug addiction—the sooner, the better for you, your loved ones and your overall wellbeing. A little caveat, though. Don’t self-treat your Imodium dependency or opiate withdrawal issues, as they are just as deadly without medical supervision.


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