Alcohol and Drug Rehab Aftercare Treatment

A Vibrant Aftercare Program for Substance Abuse

You’ve completed your intensive core treatment. You’re now free of the habit of drugs and alcohol. Your next step is to end the relationship. This process will take longer. This is the task of Aftercare.

As you will see, the Core Program represents only the beginning of recovery. The work and commitment to stay sober lasts a lifetime. This is why the aid and support of an alumni community can be so important: You don’t have to do it alone.

As often happens, the people you meet in recovery can become lifelong friends. For many, this ongoing support has been shown to make the difference between abstaining and relapsing. It is also true that the more treatment an addict receives the better their chances of remaining sober.

Though the risk of relapse is greatest in the first 60 days following rehab, the work of sustaining recovery will likely go on for years. As anyone with recovery experience knows, the positive influence of your alumni community can be integral to your continued success. Our Aftercare Alumni Program helps you to maintain focus on relapse prevention and sustain the recovery you worked so hard to achieve. You may also continue your residence in sober living as well as continuing to meet with a therapist. This important bridge of support allows clients the ability to discuss their progress and receive crucial feedback and support from their peers.

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