Higher Rates of Substance Abuse and Depression Among LGBTQ

Growing up in a society that often demoralizes same-sex love can be a traumatic experience for some. This trauma can hurt a young person’s growing sense of identity and often leads to self-destructive behaviors and addiction. Studies show that LGBTQ individuals experience higher rates of substance abuse and depression than their heterosexual peers.

Our LGBTQ-affirmative track provides the kind of care and understanding that addresses the underlying trauma that lies at the root of addiction. The program not only enables recovery, but also instills an authentic pride in the specialness of being LGBTQ. In this way our clients can build a more solid and vital sense of empowerment. It is the mission of this specialized track to help LGBTQ individuals find strength, joy, and a sense of belonging in recovery.

With an affirmative approach, we create a safe and empathetic environment with the aim of healing the traumas faced by those who grow up LGBTQ. Through therapy and group work we address and deconstruct the negative myths and messages that LGBTQ people are taught. Research shows growing up in a world that doesn’t understand same-sex love and is very often hostile to it can be traumatizing to a person’s budding sense of self. Numerous studies have also shown that LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. For transgender youth, nearly half will attempt to take their own lives. Embracing and affirming LGBTQ identity can be an integral component to creating lasting recovery and a healthier and more satisfying life.