What is the Non-12 Step Track?

Studies have shown that recovery treatment works best when it is in agreement with the personality and philosophies of the individual. Where traditional 12 Step programs require a relationship to a higher external power, a non-12 Step approach emphasizes the empowering of the individual to take control over their lives and behaviors. The focus is on self-reliance and personal responsibility.

We support clients to attend alternatives. Below are choices are available for those interested in a non-12-step approach to recovery:

  • Our Dharma Recovery is based on Buddhist principals. One of the core benefits of these principles that is missing from traditional 12 Steps is in the work with the body and breath. These practices will not only help facilitate a peace of mind it also offers the invaluable process of handling fears and uncomfortable feelings. These principals teach how to become aware of holding onto stress, emphasize engaging with the moment, and relieve the body of the symptoms associated with suffering.
  • SMART Recovery is an approach to recovery that teaches tools to enhance and maintain motivation to abstain, cope with urges, and manage thoughts and actions through self-directed change. SMART Recovery differs from traditional approaches by using a scientific foundation rather than a spiritual one and teaches self-reliance rather than focusing on overcoming powerlessness.

Both of these approaches can be used separately or together or incorporated into a program along with 12 Step methods.