It’s a city aptly described as beautiful and weird (but in a good way). Its fresh air will hit you like a freight train. Portland is a place of urban forests, sober living homes and live music.

And as a city that has so much going for it as Portland does with its eclectic businesses, homes and people, Portland is also the perfect location for outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Welcome to Portland

Joining this Portland mix of food carts, book stores, and bicycle paths is our outpatient treatment center in Portland’s renown Hawthorne District.

Adjacent to Hawthorne Blvd. and the Hawthorne Bridge, our facility is in a walkable neighborhood known for its vintage shops, boutiques and cafés.

Inside, the rooms are spacious and designed with the same cool boutique sensibility as our other locations: a style intensely devoted to creating a comfortable vibe and peace of mind for optimal recovery. There is discreet off-street parking for those who desire confidentiality.

Our custom-tailored treatments features evidence-based, client-centered and trauma-informed methods. Studies have shown that drug and alcohol abuse occurs at high rates for those with pre-existing or co-occurring mood disorders.

Mental disorders can also lead to physical ailments and shorter life spans. Because of this, addressing these disorders is integral to our treatment practice.

Our Portland Facility/Amenities Include:

  • Mindfulness-centered meditation groups
  • Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) skill based treatment to develop client mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation
  • Nutrition and wellness groups
  • Nutritious culinary services
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Drum circles
  • Music Therapy
  • Life Skills
  • Convenient transportation services
  • Placement into supportive, modern Sober Living, if desired
  • Comfortably hip and serene facilities
  • Specialized program tracks including:
    • Prime Time Track for those 30 years and older.
    • Professional’s Track which offers a high level of confidentiality
    • LGBTQ-affirmative Track
    • Young Adult Track tailored for our younger clients
  • Clients get a choice of counseling theories they incorporate into their treatment:
    • Dharma-based/Mindful Practice
    • Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit, Recovery)
    • LGBTQ-affirmative therapies
    • 12 Step counseling theories

For additional information on treatment and services at our Portland location, call 1-855-241-1619. Over the phone we’ll collect your insurance and financial information. In many cases your treatment can be 100% covered. The process is quick and easy. In most cases, treatment can begin within 24 hours.

The risks of addiction can be deadly. Yet with the right help, addiction is completely treatable. Don’t wait to act. Call and speak to one of our treatment specialists today.

All calls are completely confidential.

If you feel alcohol and/or drugs is destroying not just your day-to-day life, but your legacy as well, contact BLVD Treatment Centers. At BLVD Treatment Centers, we custom tailor our recovery programs within the safe and nurturing confines of our rehab treatment centers. We specialize in programs that include alcohol and drug detox and recovery, intensive outpatient rehabilitation, and specialty curriculums for members of the LGBTQ+ society. Located throughout California, in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and in Portland, OR, our mission is to assess the severity of your addiction to help you achieve true recovery within 30 days.