How Do You Know You Must Check into Addiction Rehabilitation Centers?

When you’re struggling with drug/alcohol abuse, your only real option is to turn to addiction rehabilitation centers for help. Of course, admitting you have a problem in the first place is not very easy – nor is it pleasant.

In fact, if you are in this situation, you’re probably asking yourself “Do I even need detox in the first place?”

Well, there’s an easy answer to that question. The best way to tell if you need to check into addiction rehabilitation centers is to see if any of these tell-tale signs apply to you:

  • You start getting in trouble with the law because of your drug/alcohol use.
  • You start skipping work/school so that you can take drugs/drink.
  • You actually lost your job/got kicked out of school because of your drug/alcohol use.
  • You start drinking/taking drugs during daytime.
  • Your family and friends are expressing their concerns about your drug/alcohol use.
  • Your family/friends actually advise you look into getting detox treatment.
  • Your body starts developing a tolerance to your drug/drink of choice.
  • You have actually driven a car while you were intoxicated.
  • You are starting to develop health issues because of your drug/alcohol use.
  • If you stop taking drugs/drinking for a while, you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms (nausea, cramps, insomnia, irritability, headaches, paranoia).
  • You feel the need to hide your drug/alcohol use, or lie about it.
  • You have hurt others – or yourself – while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • And, most importantly of all, you keep saying you will quit drinking/taking drugs, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

addiction rehabilitation centers

If even some of the signs on this list seem familiar, it means you have to consider getting professional help.

Now, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or upset about this – admitting you have an alcohol/drug abuse problem is quite courageous, and definitely takes a lot of guts. What’s more, you’re not alone in this, as around 15.1 million adults aged 18+ suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), while approximately 24.6 million people in the country have engaged in illicit drug use.

Thus, it’s quite obvious what a widespread issue alcohol/drug abuse is. And if you’re a victim of alcohol/drug abuse, you must get help as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk not only ruining your life, but losing it as well!

Don’t despair, though. Addiction rehabilitation centers can definitely help you turn your life around. Right now, we’re going to go over the primary advantages of relying on such facilities for assistance with your addiction.


The Benefits of Choosing Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

Essentially, the main thing you’ll love about inpatient rehab is the fact that you will receive medical assistance. That will ensure your life won’t be threatened by serious medical complications/issues which might develop because of your drug/alcohol use.

Also, you’ll get to benefit from medically-assisted detox too. That’s because detox facilities employ medical professionals to ensure you won’t have to experience any painful or traumatic withdrawal symptoms.

As a result, it will be much easier for you to solely focus on your recovery.

And you won’t have to do it on your own, as you’ll be able to take advantage of quality one-on-one psychiatric counseling sessions. By discussing your addiction with a mental health specialist, you’ll manage to discover the true root of your alcohol/drug abuse issues, and you’ll even experience a self-discovery journey while you’re at it.

addiction rehabilitation centers 2

That’s not all, though – you will also get to attend meaningful group therapy sessions. This way, you’ll finally see that you are not alone in your fight against addiction.

What’s more, you’ll interact with people who are in the same situation like you. Thus, all the motivation and support you will receive from them will be genuine, as you’ll know they truly understand where you’re coming from.

Sounds like exactly what you need right now, right?

Just Keep One Thing in Mind

To enjoy all these benefits, you have to make sure you choose the best addiction rehabilitation centers there are – nothing less will do!

Luckily, we’re ready to offer you some useful tips in that regard.


How to Find the Right Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

Now that you know how detox facilities can help you, you’re probably wondering “Okay, but how do I go about finding the best one?”

Well, it’s all about keeping an eye on what the rehab center in question has to offer. To make everything easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of services and amenities only top-rated detox centers offer:

  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring – In your situation, you have to benefit from medical supervision all the time to ensure you are never at risk. Thus, you should only choose a rehab center that can guarantee their staff works 24/7.
  • Personalized Detox – When it comes to detox, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment. That’s why you should only settle for a facility that is ready to design a custom-made rehab treatment just for you to ensure all your needs are met.
  • Catering Services – You’ll be spending a great deal of time at the facility, so you must ensure the staff is ready to cook healthy, nutritious meals for you.
  • Travel Assistance – Depending on your situation, you might not be able to get to the detox facility on your own. A great rehab center will offer to take care of travel arrangements on your behalf.
  • Financial Assistance – In case your insurance provider won’t cover your rehab costs, you have to make sure you have alternatives. As a result, you have to pick a facility that is willing to truly help you overcome your addiction by offering access to financial assistance programs (or budget-friendly payments, at the very least).
  • Privacy Protection – Wanting to keep your drug/alcohol addiction a secret is completely understandable, and that’s exactly why you must choose a rehab center that knows how to respect your privacy (confidential phone calls are always a good start).
  • Outpatient Treatments – Sometimes, inpatient detox isn’t the only thing you need. A reputable detox facility will provide outpatient programs post-rehab to ensure you have an easy time sticking to your recovery.
  • Relaxing Activities – Stress can seriously ruin your recovery. That’s why you should look for a facility that offers relaxation-oriented activities like Yoga, acupuncture, or drum circle sessions.

addiction rehabilitation centers 3

Everything seems much clearer now, right?

Still, you probably can’t help but feel that the whole research process is going to take you a while.

Well, we’re not going to lie about that – finding the right addiction rehabilitation centers (even when keeping everything we said in mind) is going to take at least a few hours of proper research.

Unfortunately, someone in your situation doesn’t really have all the time in the world at their disposal – not to mention that the added stress can really put unneeded pressure on your already declining health.

Don’t worry, though – this is your lucky day, as you won’t have to deal with any tiresome research whatsoever.

How come?

Because you already found the most efficient addiction rehabilitation centers there are – BLVD Treatment Centers!


BLVD Treatment Centers – The Best in Terms of Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

We realize we’re not the only detox facility to make such a claim, but we’re not just going to say that. We’re also going to prove it by outlining exactly how we can help someone in your situation.

However, before we get to that, we’ll let some of our satisfied patients speak on our behalf:

“BLVD Treatment Centers in California and Portland, Oregon delivers innovative, quality treatment in an environment that is serene, beautiful and hip. I love being a part of opening the door so people can re-define or just find themselves. BLVD is the place that people of all ages can discover a joy for life and sobriety!”

“They are great at what they do. Easy to understand. I had a great experience with the facility. They were very kind and involving with the care and treatment. Would definitely recommend to those in need.”

addiction rehabilitation centers 4

Now, moving on – here’s what kind of services we can offer you:

  • Medically-Assisted Detox – Our medical professionals will ensure that you’ll never experience any painful and traumatic withdrawal symptoms during your recovery.
  • 24/7 Nursing Care – We provide round-the-clock medical supervision to make sure that you never feel like you are on your own, and that everything is up to your standards.
  • Travel Assistance – If you need help getting to our addiction rehabilitation centers, we can handle travel arrangements for you. We can also ensure you get to travel alongside a sober companion if you want.
  • Individualized Treatments – We should mention that we employ recovery experts who will take all your background info into account to design a personalized detox program just for you.

That’s not all, though – you’ll also be spending your recovery at our luxurious, spacious, and very welcoming inpatient addiction rehabilitation centers located in Corona and Hollywood.

Not only will you get to enjoy quiet surroundings, beautiful environments, and exclusive neighborhoods, but we’ll also provide you with:

  • Excellent Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • HDTV with Cable
  • Private/Semi-Private Rooms
  • A Quality Aftercare Program

addiction rehabilitation centers 5

What’s more, once you finish your inpatient treatment, you won’t feel like you are all on your own.

That’s because you can actually take advantage of our many outpatient addiction rehabilitation centers too:

And each one of our facilities will let you enjoy a myriad of activities and services:

  • Equine/Art/Music Therapy
  • Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, or Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Drum Circles
  • Wellness Groups
  • Nutritious, Healthy Meals

addiction rehabilitation centers 6

Furthermore, we provide 2 very flexible programs:

  • The Day Program – We’re ready to offer you the assistance you need Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 4PM.
  • The Night Program – We also offer rehab programs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6PM to 9PM.

Our outpatient treatments are very focused on educational courses. Thus, you’ll be able to learn valuable things about:

  • What causes addiction in the first place.
  • What you can do to prevent a relapse.
  • How to better manage time and stress.
  • How to have a healthy relationship post-rehab
  • How to re-adjust to family dynamics post-rehab.

And many other interesting subjects!


Call 8885376671 to Enjoy a Worry-Free, Comfortable Recovery!

Our phones are manned 24/7 by addiction recovery specialists, and they will be able to answer each and every one of your questions. What’s more, they will also help you choose the right detox treatment for you.

Payment-wise, here are your options:

  • First of all, we will try to see if your insurance provider can fully cover your rehab costs.
  • If that’s not possible, you might be eligible for some of our financial assistance programs instead.
  • Alternatively, we also offer private payment plans. They are very budget-friendly, and our fees are billed monthly/bi-weekly (depending on your needs).

Plus, unlike most addiction rehabilitation centers out there, with BLVD, you won’t have to deal with any waitlists at all! That’s because you can begin your recovery within 24 hours once everything is settled.

addiction rehabilitation centers 7

Another thing that sets us apart from the rest is the way we tackle your privacy. Basically, we do everything in our power to protect it. How? Well, we:

  • Make sure that every call you make is 100% confidential.
  • Don’t keep any insurance records on file.
  • Don’t keep any credit cards on file.

Everything sounds amazing, right?

We’re happy to hear that. So, call 8885376671 today or contact us online. We will ensure that you will overcome your struggle with addiction and withdrawal, and that you’ll regain full control of your life!