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There is nothing easy about addiction. It is a long, dark slippery slope that can cost you your career, your friends and loved ones, as well as your life.

The decision to admit your addiction, then enter a drug and alcohol rehab, is the first step toward the proper treatment you need to overcome your addiction.

At BLVD Treatment Centers, whether you are an inpatient resident or outpatient, we custom tailor our recovery programs within the safe and nurturing confines of our drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers.

Whether your drug of choice is alcohol based or a narcotic, the accredited experts with BLVD honor your needs by providing the most comprehensive and integrative drug and alcohol rehab available for addictive and co-occurring disorders.

Our approach is evidence-based, trauma-informed, and client-centered. We also inform and empower our clients with the most effective techniques to help prevent relapse.

BLVD’s services feature:

  • Affordable treatment covered by PPO insurance
  • Affordable private pay options
  • Daytime and nighttime programs available
  • Alcohol and drug detox
  • JCAHO accredited
  • Featuring 12-step and non-12-step approaches
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Designed to look more like a downtown boutique hotel than addiction treatment center
  • Once insurance is confirmed, treatment can begin within 24 hours

Financial assistance available to those that qualify.

Curb your suffering and get on the straight path to a substance-free life with comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and rehab.

At BLVD, we believe only you should control the outcome of your life, not drugs nor alcohol.

Power over your life is ultimately within your power.




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Treatment Tracks - Addiction Rehab

Studies have shown that treatment is most effective when it agrees with the philosophies of the individual. In this way recovery programs need to be flexible to meet the needs of their clients.

For this reason BLVD offers a variety of tracks and other treatment options that are rare in the industry.

  • 12 Step Track

    As the most universally recognized method of treating addictions, 12 Step programs have effectively provided structure and support for millions seeking recovery. Learn More

  • Non-12 Step Track

    Where traditional 12 Step programs require a relationship to a higher power, a non-12 Step approach empowers the individual to control their lives and behaviors.Learn More

  • LGBTQ Track

    Our LGBTQ-affirmative track provides the kind of care and understanding that addresses the underlying trauma that lies at the root of addiction.Learn More

  • Primetime Track

    This track was developed to provide support and community for clients 35 and older. They're able to address problems with others facing addiction in the same stage of life. Learn More

Our Team

  • Danielle White

    Clinical Program Director - West Los Angeles
  • Dr. Lauren Costine, PhD

    Chief Clinical Officer
  • Nicole Gershenson, MFTi

  • Olivia Morales, MA, MFTi

  • Sandy Rosiles, CATC-1

    Case Manager
  • Mikesa Ponder

  • Steve Gleason

    Program Advisor
  • Noah Maggio

    Program Advisor
  • Matthew O’Neill

    Program Advisor, Orange County
  • emily

    Emily Taylor

    Admissions Specialist
  • Paula Torres

    Director of Admissions and Call Center Operations
  • Chris Heath

    Chris Heath

    Director of Marketing
  • Chris Pruneda

    Managing Director
  • ashley dane

    Ashley Dane

    Creative Director

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