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BLVD Treatment Centers

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Studies have shown that treatment is most effective when it agrees with the philosophies of the individual. In this way recovery programs need to be flexible to meet the needs of their clients.

At the heart of truly sustainable recovery is a powerful shift of one’s core perceptions and belief systems. At BLVD Treatment Centers, we believe in providing a platform of time tested tools that allow a person to navigate the choppy waters of early rehabilitation and recovery…as well as innovative methodology and modalities help our clients create a life with new opportunities, positive belief systems, a strong and loving community, and a restored sense of self. We are here to help our clients cultivate a life that is lovingly crafted and nurtured into a true expression of the individuals they are.


  • 12-step, non-12-step and LBGTQ rehabilitation treatment tracks
  • Daytime and nighttime rehab programs available
  • Alcohol and drug detox
  • Residential Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient service
  • One on one individual therapy sessions
  • Group treatment therapy with a wide spectrum of topics offered
  • Most treatment covered by PPO insurance
  • Affordable private pay options
  • JCAHO accredited
  • 7 facilities nationwide (and counting)


BLVD Treatment Centers is not your average rehab facility. We are not like all the others- and neither are our clients! We take it to the next level because that's what we are here to inspire them to do with their own lives. Our eclectic, unique and comfortable facilities mirror that- don't settle. Don't limit yourself. Be creative. Be inspired. Think big, dream big, and be your best self always! Nothing could be cooler, nothing is more gangster, than getting (and staying) sober!

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