Rehabilitation centers are selected for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the custom-tailored curriculum that swings clients around to a certain rehab. For others, it might be the amenities such as physical exercise, spiritual awareness or the one-on-one counseling. There are also clients who select rehabilitation centers for their atmosphere and locale.

It’s been long proven that stepping out of one’s familiarity to rehabilitate from substance abuse, is an effective way to help overcome addiction. First, alcohol and/or drugs aren’t as readily available in a new locale – they must be sought out. Secondly, an unfamiliar environment introduces new experiences that can further help a person overcome their addiction.

When you recover at BLVD’s West Los Angeles Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, an enormous amount of L.A. culture is bound to introduce itself to you, and eventually assist your recovery.

In that light alone, L.A. is not just known for its entertainment, excellent weather with snowy mountains to the east and the glimmering Pacific to the west, but its history as well, which dates far before California was annexed from Mexico and Spain.

In short, during your stay at the West Los Angeles Center, there’s no shortage of attractions to keep you and your rehabilitation occupied.


We believe that sobriety provides an entrance to your best possible future and the person you hope to become. As our client, we want you to feel this promise from the moment you begin your treatment. At BLVD, we guarantee the standards of our hospitality and client experience are as exceptional as those of our clinical excellence.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs offer an infinite amount of activities and solutions that can get your life back on track. One-on-one counseling is always available at BLVD as is group counseling and multi-person activities designed to teach individual and group responsibilities.

Studies have found that social interaction and engagement are paramount when one transitions into a substance-free lifestyle. What is taught in these classes and counseling sessions are used to bolster a person’s productivity, which will ultimately help support their sobriety.


BLVD’s amenities are client based and clinically proven. The array of activities offered to clients by BLVD makes it possible for anyone with a substance abuse issue to assemble a recovery program that is just right for their needs.

BLVD’s West Los Angeles Rehab Center’s amenities include:

  • Comfortably hip and cool boutique facilities
  • Outdoor lounging patios with a fireplace
  • Mindfulness-centered meditation groups
  • Nutrition and wellness groups
  • Freshly prepared smoothies
  • Nutritious culinary services
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Drum circles
  • Equine therapy
  • Convenient transportation services

Mountains landscapes to one side and cool ocean breezes to the other side are the backdrops to our spacious West Los Angeles facility, which is located near the sweeping open landscapes of Los Angeles’ historic Veterans’ Hospital grounds.

Head a few miles east, and you’ll pass Westwood, which is the home of UCLA, then onward to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, the historic Silver Lake area until you reach Downtown Los Angeles.

Head west out of West L.A., and you’re in world-famous Santa Monica. Cross Pacific Coast Highway, and there you are, on the beach and about to jump into the ocean.

Honestly, intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Los Angeles is tough to beat.

For additional information on an individualized treatment plan for drug & alcohol addiction. If you call to enroll in our IOP, we collect your insurance and financial information over the phone. As with many recoveries, your rehab may be 100% covered by insurance. In most cases, your treatment can begin within 24 hours.

The risks of addiction can be deadly. Yet with the right help, addiction is completely treatable. Call and speak to one of our treatment specialists today.

All calls are completely confidential.

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