It is our utmost aim to instill in our clients a deeply held sobriety, emotional wellness and unshakable joy of life.

A life of active addiction is a shrinking life of ever-diminishing returns; a life of recovery is an expanding one filling up with love, truth, mindfulness, and joy. For a truly sustainable recovery, a powerful shift of one’s core perceptions and belief systems must take place. At BLVD, we believe in a comprehensive approach that combines traditional, time-tested practices with innovative, evidence-based methods. We help our clients create a new life with new circumstances, a new paradigm, new community, and a restored belief in the self.

We have found that when a person achieves this shift, they will cherish the new life they have created and be far more interested in protecting it. It is getting those core recovery skills in place (relapse prevention, random drug testing, program meetings), then creating the atmosphere for a shift to occur (therapy, community, mindfulness exercises) that is at the center of the BLVD philosophy. Sustaining this new paradigm is a process we intimately continue to support in our step-down and alumni services.


We have carefully curated our team of treatment professionals to match our intense dedication to each client’s overall well-being and recovery. The BLVD clinical team is comprised of professionals who are both established and highly esteemed in the community by other professionals and clients alike. They bring with them their own meditation or recovery practices, wisdom, years of experience, and extensive credentials.