Why You Shouldn’t Snort Adderall – The Dangers And Side Effects

In recent years, the availability and overall usage of stimulants has increased in the US. This rise in stimulant use and availability is due largely in part to the increasingly hectic lifestyles that so many Americans now lead; when it comes to their day-to-day lives. This is especially evident in the average workplace; where the axioms of productivity and efficiency are features that entire industries are built upon and staying alert at all times is an absolute necessity if you want to remain employed. This is why caffeine has become the most widely used psychoactive drug, with the sales of coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages, skyrocketing over the past decade. However, while a stimulant such as caffeine is relatively safe, it cannot be compared to choosing to snort Adderall or other prescription drugs.

Adderall is an amphetamine, a relatively powerful stimulant that is commonly prescribed as a means of treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), although in fairly small doses.

However, even more so than being abused by adults who are working; more and more cases of Adderall abuse, among teenagers and young adults in high school and college, have been surfacing. While some simply abuse the drug for the high that it can give them, in most cases Adderall is being abused by these students as a means of giving themselves an advantage in their studies. But what about their parents?

Some parents are completely oblivious to any drug abuse that their child is participating in. However, other parents are surprisingly okay if their child chooses to snort Adderall or take pills if it means that they get better grades and then get into a prestigious university.

Choosing to snort Adderall or abusing other prescription drugs should never be the answer to any of your problems. So, how can you help a loved one (or yourself) who has chosen to snort Adderall to deal with day-to-day life? You need to learn about the dangers, as well as the side effects, and then subsequently find the best place to get treatment.

I’m Not Going To Snort Adderall, But What If I Need It?

As stated before, Adderall is often prescribed to adults, teens, or even children, who suffer from ADHD. This is because Adderall not only makes it easier for the user to manage any impulses that they may have, it also allows them to better concentrate on specific tasks that they need to get done.

If you are prescribed Adderall, then you doctor will almost always start you off with a relatively small dosage and then after a period of time they will recommend that you steadily increase your dosage. Your doctor will make sure that all of this is done while they have the ability to frequently monitor your situation and how you react to the drug.

The Possible Side Effects Of Adderall Abuse

Adderall is available in both capsule and tablet form, so as a result when it is prescribed it is usually taken orally. However, choosing to snort Adderall is a popular delivery method that is used by people who take the drug recreationally.

While snorting Adderall comes with its own share of health risks and side effects; no matter how you take the drug, abusing Adderall can have the following effects on your health:

  • Delays in development in children and teenagers
  • Heart attack or stroke in adults
  • Lowered tolerance
  • Dependence and addiction
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Noticeable weight loss
  • Death in users with heart problems
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Shortness of breath

The Dangers of Snorting Adderall

So, if Adderall is meant to be taken orally – since it comes in pill or capsule form – then why is snorting it so common?

Individuals chose to snort Adderall for one main reason – snorting the drug causes the effects to be felt much more quickly; in some cases, the effects can be almost instantaneous.

Users who choose to snort the drug end up developing a higher tolerance to it that much faster and also end up becoming more dependent on the drug as well.  This is especially true if they are snorting Adderall XR, a form of the drug that is far more potent and is meant to last for an entire day.

Snorting Adderall can also lead to serious damage to your nostrils and your respiratory tract, especially the membrane that lines it. Prolonged abuse of Adderall can even cause damage to the user’s sinuses and nose if they are snorting it.

It’s Not Too Late To Kick Your Adderall Addiction To The Curb

If you or a loved one needs to snort Adderall to get through the day or deal with stressful situations, then you need to get help before it is too late.

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