Completion of rehab is an achievement no one should take lightly. It means you have managed to stay sober for a period of time and now know what it takes to live an addiction-free lifestyle.

But what about your life after rehab? You might wonder how you’ll manage without the help you had while in rehabilitation. You may be afraid of relapsing, which is a real fear for people who are recovering from their addiction.

Below are 5 tips you can utilize to keep your life after rehab sober and healthy.


The most common fear among people who are newly recovered is the fear of relapse. Well, that fear is very real; the risk of relapse can happen at any time in a recovered addict’s life, especially when they’ve just left a rehab program.

This is why it is important once you do leave rehab, you have a support system as you transition to normal life. Keep in mind that you should build your support system with care.

Consider people who not just say but will be there if you feel you might relapse. Your support system can comprise family, good friends or loyal coworkers. Whether your support system is made up of old relations or new friends, be sure they are trustworthy and have a high regard for the importance of your recovery.


What will you do after you transition from rehab? Will you return to work? Or will you make drastic changes to your life that will help fortify your sobriety? Regardless of what you do, keep your recovery in the forefront of your decisions. If you return to the same life you had before rehab, be aware of and try to avoid issues and situations that may have either led to or intensified your addiction.

If your post rehab game plan involves major decisions, such as moving or seeking new employment, be sure to discuss these changes with your support system which can hopefully give you advice that’s best suited for your new sober lifestyle.


It’s important to fortify your sober lifestyle with activities that can complement your road to recovery. This can begin with exercise. As you work out your post-rehab game plan, don’t forget to plan for some physical activity like running, cycling, weightlifting, or yoga. These forms of exercise can release endorphins, which can result in a sort of natural high. Be sure to also challenge yourself intellectually. Start reading, writing or pick up a hobby such as painting.

Avoid overly intense activities such as video games. The action, violence and noise could be stressful, which is counter-intuitive to the calm you need this soon after leaving rehab.

Eat and drink healthy, sleep adequately, and pay a visit to your doctor for a post-rehab checkup to see how your physical health is doing.


During your transition to an addiction-free lifestyle, it is important to have regular updates with a mental health expert to evaluate the progress of your life after rehab. Verify that you are mentally and socially on the correct path to a full recovery that not only is drug-free, but equally as important, farther and farther away from the fear of relapse.


Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can go a long way to helping you maintain a sober lifestyle. In these groups, you will get to share experiences with others who are in various stages of sobriety.

Lifelong friends and alliances can be made by way of organizations such as AA and NA. In the end, you might meet someone who can provide insight and suggestions to help you continue your sobriety, while you can just as easily return the favor to someone else.

Life after rehab does not have to be a fearful transition in which you are unsure from one day to the next that you might relapse. Surround yourself with a world of healthy choices and activities with strong, supportive personalities and you can pull through post-rehab lifestyle with much more ease.

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Life After Rehab: 5 Tips to Consider