Sober living may seem counter-intuitive to a city as vibrant and electric, not to mention drug plentiful, as Los Angeles. But honestly, achieving sobriety in Los Angeles can occur if a person with a substance abuse problem enters the correct treatment program for his or her needs.

The correct treatment program, however, can involve much more than the treatment program itself. What surrounds the program, such as the city atmosphere, can play an active role in a person’s recovery. After all, you are less likely to have a successful recovery in a drab or depressing environment than where the weather is nice and the skies are continually blue.

This is why it is believed Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world to rehabilitate your life after a bout with substance abuse. Keep reading to find out how aspects of Los Angeles beyond your drug rehab program, can be beneficial to your recovery.


In any city, the good is taken with the bad. This is especially true with Los Angeles. By population alone, it is the second largest city in the nation, and as it stretches 509 square miles, L.A. is largest in land size, eclipsing New York by over 200 miles. Of course, within those boundaries, a person can find nearly any kind of influence they want, whether good and bad, to introduce to their lifestyles.

For a substance abuser, the bad is of course alcohol and drugs, which can customarily be found in many social settings throughout the city. But at the same time, the good can also be found in many of these same settings. The challenge to the recently recovered is to find the portion of the city’s population and social networking which can bolster, not derail their sobriety.

With a population of over 13 million, L.A. is fortunate in this regard. It has such a large mix of individuals, a sober lifestyle among any grouping of people from artists to athletes and business, as well as any other portion of people located within a major metropolis can be found. In short, a recovered individual does not have to give up their interests now that they’re drug free. They simply have to seek out their pursuits and pastimes within in a sober existence.

For the truth is, of those who have gone through rehabilitation, their first relationships usually occur while in rehab. But once a person becomes successfully sober, they will need to expand their social circle. Only now, this expansion should be done with the intent of keeping their sobriety intact. So with that, ask yourself if the new social group you seek out can benefit your new lifestyle. Because L.A. is so large and diverse, chances are, a social setting will come your way that both you and your sobriety will be able to relate to on a healthy ongoing basis.


In any type of rehab, be it a 12-step program or an inpatient or outpatient, program there is always a chance you might meet a contact that can help you advance your interests, if not your career. Aside from the fact that drug addiction can affect anyone at any time, the high chances of you meeting someone who shares your interests while in rehab can also be due to the large population and diversity that makes up Los Angeles.

And because Los Angeles is a major hub for substance abuse recovery, the recovering community is quite expansive. As was earlier said, from artists to business, one is bound to find someone else who is clean and sober, yet have similar interests, which can still flourish within a clean and healthy lifestyle. According to the popular addiction and recovery website The Fix, Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the country for getting sober. With more places for the recovering to meet (AA alone has over 3,100 meetings in town a week), more resources and more support, it is easy to see why.

Another advantage of recovering from drug addiction in L.A. is the climate. With most days being sunny and clear, there are many outdoor sober groups with whom a person can work out, run, ride bicycles, go hiking, or do many other action-related activities. Seriously, it’s true what’s been said about L.A.: There’s no other city where you can ski in the mountains and lie out on the beach in the same day.

Remember, there exist many golden opportunities in which you can engage yourself socially while still keeping your sobriety in check. This is because the others who you have engaged with socially, are also trying to keep their sobriety in check. They rely as much upon you as you do upon them.


It can all be found here. Population, diversity, great weather and a strong society of individuals from many walks of life who have pledged themselves to get sober and stay sober.

The beauty of the city are also the people who live in it while having the same sober and social needs as you. This is what makes Los Angeles a fantastic city in which you can both recover from drug addiction, as well as find others who have gone down the same path as yourself.

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Why Los Angeles is a Great Place to Get Sober