What is International Overdose Awareness Day?

August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day. The event aims to remind people about the dangers of drug use and reduce the negative stigmas commonly associated with overdose. It is also an opportunity for families and friends who have lost loved ones to an overdose to come together, console and comfort each other, and show solidarity in the struggle against the grief they share.

Sally J. Finn and Peter Streker founded Overdose Awareness Day in 2001. At that time, Finn managed a needle and syringe program for the Salvation army, while Streker worked as the coordinator of the City of Port Phillip’s Community and Health Development Program. They organized the first International Overdose Awareness Day as a local event in Melbourne, Australia. It has since grown into a global day of commemoration with over 140 events in cities across 11 countries on five different continents.

In 2012, The Penington Institute, a nonprofit Australian public health group, took over organization International Overdose Awareness Day.

International Overdose Awareness Day Events Near You

In the United States alone you can find 80 or more Overdose Awareness Day events in over 70 cities across 29 states. More events may be added as the day grows closer.

Each hosts a variety of events, including art activities, balloon launches, candlelight vigils, community education, concerts, forums, marches, memorials, Naloxone training and distribution, needle exchanges, rallies, and speeches.

To find an Overdose Awareness Day event in your area and discover which activities will be happening at each event, visit the International Overdose Awareness Day events page.

Wear Silver to Show Your Support

You can show your support for International Overdose Awareness Day, even if you are unable to attend an event, by wearing a silver ribbon badge. Wearing a silver ribbon sends the message that you are aware of the effects an overdose can have on an individual and/or family. It means you’ll be there to help when they need support. Wearing a silver ribbon means you understand human life supersedes the prejudices and stigmas people can have toward a person using drugs.

Show your awareness and support on August 31 by sporting your ribbon and letting your silver shine.

BLVD Supports International Overdose Awareness Day

The team at BLVD Treatment Centers proudly supports International Overdose Awareness Day. Watch for more special features from BLVD Treatment Centers and International Overdose Awareness Day in the coming weeks.

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Watch for International Overdose Awareness Day Events in Your Area