The primary goals of inpatient residential rehab and treatment is to help the addicted person detox from drugs and alcohol, identify the underlying issues that may influence drug or alcohol use, and develop a therapeutic plan for recovery. The particular therapies used in drug rehab vary, depending on the underlying issues the addicted person has.

The structure and guidance provided in our inpatient rehab and treatment program sets you up for sustainable success in recovery after you complete treatment.

Here are some of the unique benefits available to you in BLVD Treatment Centers inpatient rehab program:

  • A structured setting complete with on and off-site activities with those in the recovery community to help you build up a network of clean and sober allies while you are in treatment.
  • A progressive and personalized program with low therapist-to-client ratios to allow for you to grow and progress while you are in residential treatment.
  • Nutritious and delicious meals prepared by a gourmet chef, served in a family dining style setting
  • A comprehensive aftercare plan so you know exactly what your goals are, where you need to be, and how you can remain successful in your recovery.


Typically, clients come to us first for a medically assisted detox and transition into a higher level of care when they are finished with their detox process. At that time, they move into the residential rehabilitation home and begin attending outside meetings in a group, therapy groups scheduled through out the day, one on one therapy, meals, and time to reflect or fellowship during breaks. We adhere to a strict schedule, but we know that fun is important. We often bake cookies, or sit by the outdoor fireplace listening to music, have table tennis tournaments, play board games, or watch movies. On weekends we go on outings- horse back riding, the beach, the movies….we want this to be a special time for our clients to heal and re-discover the capacity for healthy relationships and community building.

What sort of group therapies you might expect during your stay in BLVD’s residential treatment program-

ROCK TO RECOVERY – ROCK TO RECOVERY MUSIC GROUP – Rock to Recovery was created to help soothe the restless souls of those in recovery. We do this by creating a “band” and writing and recording songs together with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery. We help bring fun into treatment and recovery by offering a natural escape from the fear-based mind. This helps people grow a sense of belonging and self esteem. We help to vent emotions by writing lyrics and singing together for release, in real-time. We tie in a positive theme of hope in recovery throughout the whole process. When the session is done, our “band” members feel a new energy all throughout their minds and spirits.

Music is a powerful tool, proven to help soothe the soul. For someone in recovery, learning to have clean and sober fun, feeling a part of, connecting to a group, and quieting the mind are keys to a successful new life. It’s time to feel good in all that we do. Rock to Recovery gives people, such as recovering addicts/alcoholics, victims of abuse, troubled teens, or any individual in recovery, a chance to have fun expressing themselves, working as a group, and experiencing the natural high only music can produce.

CBT – Cognitive-behavioral therapy, commonly referred to as CBT, is based on well-established principles supporting the notion that changing negative thinking patterns and reducing maladaptive behavior can have a beneficial effect in improving a person’s emotions and behavior.

Relapse Prevention – A group focused on strengthening coping skills in an effort to reduce risk for relapse.   Includes education on the process of addiction, the physical and psychological changes, the process of recovery and skills needed to implement effective plans to sustain sobriety following treatment.

Socialization / Interpersonal Skills – Group focused on building coping skills that usually includes team building exercises, public appropriateness or implementing fun, therapeutic activities geared towards socialization in early recovery.

Sound Healing – Taught by a Vocal Alchemist Healer with the ability to weave tonal prayer songs that energetically clear imbalances, trauma, negative patterns, beliefs, and influences; and transmit energetic frequencies that assist ones spiritual process of awakening to their true divine nature. Participants frequently experience elevated states of consciousness, visions, physical and emotional healing, connection with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, as past trauma is released and blocked energy begins to flow, and feel an encompassing feeling of love and wellbeing.

Acting/Drama therapy  ( a unique program developed specifically for BLVD clients with 12 Step Recovery at its’ core. Utilizing emotional scene work that speaks experientially to the alcoholic or the addict and aides in recapturing the creativity, imagination, and intuition that the client has lost to addiction. The process allows clients to gain self-awareness, develop skills, bring peace to their pasts and vision new possibilities for their futures.)

Tai Chi – (A graceful series of ancient Chinese meditative exercise movements that help promote physical and mental health, well-being and spiritual essence. )

Breath-work (is a simple technique that helps create new perspectives on old behaviors that no longer serve us. Process trauma, develop new thought patterns, and build a stronger, truer connection to your body all while gently calming the mind. By following this two-stage breathing rhythm, most people report reduced anxiety, a sense of being consciously present and connected and, in many cases, having had a spiritual experience.)

Acupuncture ( A holistic, medical system. Thin, sterile, disposable needles are superficially placed into various sites which activate the brain to release endorphins into the body. Endorphins lower pain levels and relaxed the central nervous system which decreases stress, anxiety and cravings.)


You’re about to begin a major life change. No one would blame you for being stressed or anxious as you prepare for treatment. Confronting change of this magnitude can indeed be scary.

But understand this: You are also about to embark on a great adventure. And like any great adventure, you’ll be entering new territories and an elevated state of consciousness. The person you are about to become will be very different from the person you are now.

So, then, how do you pack for such an adventure?


  • Any currently prescribed medications you are taking – they must be in the original pharmacy bottle that shows prescription information; liquid medications must be new and sealed
  • 7 days of comfortable, casual clothing including weather appropriate sweaters, jackets and sleepwear, socks, underwear, bras, tennis shoes, flip flops, hoodies, t shirts and sweatpants are all the rage in rehab for the sake of comfort
  • Any reasonable amount of jewelry e.g. a wedding band or wristwatch
  • Toiletries: Whatever you use regularly for hygiene – deodorant, shampoo, lotions, razors and shaving products, sunscreen, make-up, feminine hygiene products
  • Any over-the-counter medications must be new/unopened: Ibuprofen, Imodium, Maalox, Tums, melatonin, mints, nicotine patches (if needed)
  • Personal effects like photographs or letters from loved ones
  • A notebook for journal entries and personal work
  • Something to read: Books, magazines, etc.
  • Musical instruments


  • Drugs or alcohol (obviously)
  • Sample medications
  • Mouthwash, other toiletries, or products containing alcohol
  • Provocative clothing: No short shorts, halter or midriff tops, two piece swimsuits, or t-shirts or ball caps with inappropriate wording
  • Pornography
  • Weapons
  • Electronic equipment including fans
  • Excess amounts of make-up, clothing, jewelry, cash
  • Food or drink of any kind
  • Candles and incense
  • Bedding – pillows, comforters, or blankets
  • Energy drinks

The standards may seem rigorous, but they have a purpose: We want to create the best possible atmosphere for a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment experience.

The next step in the recovery process is our Intensive Outpatient Day Program.

If you have any further questions, please contact our call center at 866-582-9844. Our Program Advisers will be available to assist you, whatever you need.

*Detox services provided by BLVD’s sister companies, Hollywood Detox and Reflections Recovery

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