At each of the BLVD Treatment Center locations, it is easy to feel the care and attention that has gone into creating a unique and inspiring space from the minute one walks in the door. From the art on the walls to outdoor patios with fireplaces or retractable awnings, from client lounges with record players to yoga rooms lined with drums and rec rooms filled with arcade games or spacious landscaped courtyards — there is a feeling of being cared for, there is a culture of playful inspiration and comfortable belonging.  And we don’t mind saying that all the interiors are incredibly hip and cool! We worked hard to make it that way.

We understand that a trauma-informed environment is one that inspires a level of comfort and belonging — which leads to an ability to be vulnerable and confront the demons that must inevitably be confronted. Our group therapies are designed to be alternately challenging, then playful — yet serious. Truly deep rehabilitation and recovery work can be filled with creativity and laughter! Breaks and lunches are served family or community style, with music playing and clients gathering around, sometimes dancing, all talking and forming (often life long) bonds with each other.  Our compassionate and enthusiastic staff are there to steward the client’s experience towards positivity and successful recovery.

BLVD Treatment Centers promotes a  joyful lifestyle of abstinence from mind altering substances by replacing negative belief systems with newly discovered self esteem, balance, focus, creativity, self expression, playfulness, community, service, mindfulness, and overall well being.

We embrace  the principles of creativity, self expression, mindfulness, community, discovery and sustainable sobriety- its in what we teach, its in how we live, its in what we say and do at BLVD, and its apparent in design of the environment. We want all aspects of the BLVD experience to be inspired….and inspiring. Its teaching the art of living  by showing how its done, on every level.